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To our psychic & spiritual community we hope you will enjoy your stay, please feel free to look around our site, come on in and make yourselves at home. If you would like to visit the chat room please scroll down to the chat link on the left hand side. Registration is not necessary but it is recommended so no one else uses your unique user name.

About This Site

My own Spirit Guides have been impressing to me for a long while now to create this site. The colour schemes, the pictures, the sites entirety all been draw to me through their guidance, took awhile to find them mind but I think I have achieved what Spirit wants for "Their Platform".
So now through myself and close friends we offer this site to you. Words spoken by Guides  " We offer you Sanctuary". So please make yourselves comfortable, look around, relax and feel at home while you continue or begin your life's spiritual path.

Throughout this site we hope to offer you interesting information of various spiritual topics. We like to involve everyone as much as possible as we all continue this spiritual journey after all we are all here for a reason.  If you are just starting out on your journey we hope this site will be of benefit to you.  It is all very daunting in the beginning we know, millions of questions in your mind. 

We would like to mention at this point some of our Guides are Ascended Masters so this means the site will be on a high vibration especially in the chat rooms.  You will notice a Reiki symbol on all the pages, this is to help keep the vibrations up and make the site feel comfortable and welcoming to you all.

You are all welcome into our chat room where we hold discussions and classes on psychic awareness, mediumship, tarot, angel cards, healing and many other topics.  Any readings or healings given on site are done purely for free by our lovely experienced readers and healers, please read through all the guidelines and make yourselves aware of them. 

This sacred haven is a warm comforting place for anyone who wishes to learn and enhance their psychic abilites. Those wishing for guidance are also welcome, the site offers free psychic readings, free healing and much more.

We hope you will enjoy your visit here, come along and meet old friends or make new ones, chat amongst like minded people like yourselves who are already on this spiritual paths or just beginning. We look forward to meeting you :)

Webby & Sacred Haven Team

* The True Bond Of Love Never Dies *



If you would like to receive a daily email about what classes are taking place please visit the Chat Room page.

If you would like to request healing from our lovely healers on site you can request via the Forum Boards or email  Please feel free to check out the Class Events page as we have a regular Healing Circle weekly.

To register for the chat room please email with your desired username and a password

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