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The word Angels has been mentioned in many cultures and faiths for thousands of years. The word angel derives from the Greek "Angelos" meaning "messenger." Whatever faith you believe in they are mentioned in all. In Hebrew they are called Mal’akh which means messenger

They are apart of Christianity, Moslem, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhism, Catholic, Hindu, Islam.

But do they really exist? The answer is yes. Angels are messengers from God, they play a major role in all faiths. There are various angels that have certain roles to play. They can not majorley interfere with a persons life plan but they can assist in times when it is needed. They can help protect you, comfort you in times of need; they will help guide you towards your goals especially in times of crisis.

Since the beginning of time angels have brought messages and help mankind, they have brought messages of great joy as they did for the birth of Christ. It was Archangel Gabriel that told Mary she was going to have a baby, and the baby will be the son of God. They can warn you about approaching danger. As I mentioned before they have helped assist mankind for thousands or years, they are spoken about in all the scriptures ever written.

They are very high spiritual beings; they have a very high vibration. They have never touched down to this plain, in other words they have never incarnated. They have no need too, they are not human spirits. They are pure spiritual beings that work with God and help us humans.

Angels are immortal beings, they are depicted often in human form but with wings, they can be visible or invisible depending on what task is needed. You have all heard of the flame within the burning bush that spoke to Moses, this is said to be an angel communicating to Moses, but the angel choose this form to appear.

There are various types of angels which are all part of the Hierarchy of Angels. It is said that the hierarchy of angels are listed from the highest to the lowest in order of the 9 orders or choirs.
With the hierarchy these are considered the highest ranking. It is said they are the angels of love and light and fire and adorn the throne room and are the closest to God. Their pure light is so bright even other divine beings can not look upon them as their vibration is so high and the light from them so intense.
It is said there are four of these angelic beings described having six wings, two covering the face, two covering the face and the other two for flying. Seraphim has been mentioned in the book Revelation

Cherubim are the second highest order of angels, they name represents wisdom. It is said these stand next to the throne of God. Cherubs were the first angels mentioned in the bible as God requested two cherubs stand guard at the gates of Eden and protect the Tree of Life. It is said that the Cherubim have four wings.

These angelic beings are third highest within the hierarchy of angels. It has been said they are the Angels of Justice and carry out Gods decisions. It is supposedly said they have a very bizarre appearance they are described a great wheels, covered with a great many eyes and glowing with light

These are the fourth ranking angelic beings; they have been described as wearing long golden robes with gold belts. They also have been depicted carrying a gold staff in the right hand and the Seal of God in the left.

These angelic beings are the fifth ranking in the hierarchy. They are often known as the Angels of Miracles and often help those struggling. They also offer blessings. Virtues are said the be the chief bestowals of valor and grace.

These are the sixth in order of ranking. It is said that these are
Responsible for maintaining the border between Heaven and Earth. They are like an elite guard continuously watching for any demonic attack. It is their role to protect the world from any infiltration by demons and protect our souls from these attacks. It is also said that at death they help guide us to the spirit realms.

These are seventh in the order of ranking. These have been described as the angels that protect religions. They watch over our towns and cities and protect the world’s nations. They are also said to manage the duties of the angels.

These are the eighth in ranking within the order. Archangels are the most well know of all as we have all heard of them. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are mentioned in the bible. These types of angels bring Gods messages to us humans. They are also in charge of Gods army of angels who are always battling against evil within the spiritual warfare between the good and the fallen angels.
There are seven archangels.
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, Zadkiel

These are the ninth ranking in the order; they are also the closest to us (humanity). These angels watch over our affairs very closely, they watch us individually and protect us from demonic attacks. They help comfort and guide us as we travel along our paths.

You can find lots of information about all the angels on the internet, what I have mentioned is just a brief description. There are many angels and their names which if you surf around will help you learn and understand more about them. This is a lovely site that list all the angel names in alphabetical order. Plus lots of other lovely stuff about Archangels.