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Animal Spirit Guides/Totems

What are animal guides? Well as we progress through our life we all know we have a main Spirit Guide as well as other guides that come along to assist us in any attribute we are learning.
Well we also have an animal guide or as some prefer to call them power animals. They to are with us, they will connect with us and help us in many manner of ways, they can protect you while you work with the spirit world, are with you in your dreams, give wisdom and strength.

If you are struggling to understand something you can call upon an animal guide they will also assist you as your own Spirit Guide does. Many of the different animal guides are great teachers and have a great understanding of your own needs.
Animal guides are just limited to mammals they can be insects, birds, sea creatures there is a whole range of them.

You may be going about your day to day chores, do you keep seeing a certain animal repeatedly during the day, you may be outside and keep coming across horses, or dogs
This could be a sign that your own power animal is trying to convey to you that you indeed do have an animal guide.
I remember one day while driving I kept coming across flying buzzards in the sky, for a whole day if I looked up I could see a buzzard flying around above me. At one point during the day there were 4 of them!

Those of you who can see quite clairvoyantly you may see your animal guide near you now. Or you can ask your animal guide to show itself in your dreams. Once you have found out your animal guide you can meditate with it.
Are you particularly drawn to any kind of animal? There again could be a sign to which power animal is working with you at this time. Do you relate well to any particular animal?
As I said before there are many animal guides, you may even be totally surprised to which one you have as it isn’t particularly an animal or insect you like. But remember it is with you at this moment in time for a reason.

Some of the various Animal Guides are:
Lions, Bears, Buffalo, Bees, Bats, Badgers, Ants, Spiders, Butterflies, Camels, Cat, Cougars, Donkeys, Dragonflies, Ducks, Dolphins, Deer’s, Eagles, Dogs, Elephants, Emus

Goats, Frogs, Foxes, Giraffes, Gorillas, Fish, Grasshoppers, Cows, Crabs, Crows, Horses, Hawks, Herron’s, Leopards, Lizards, Koalas, Kingfishers, Kestles, Kangaroos, Jellyfish,
Ladybirds, Doves, Penguins, Panthers, Pandas, Owl, Otters, Octopuses, Orcas, Polar Bears, Pigeons, Pigs, Peacocks, Parrots, Moths, Falcons, Rabbits, Snakes , Spiders, Seals, Seagulls, Snails, Sea Horses, Rats, Robin Redbreasts, Tiger, Tortoise, Vultures, Wasps, Wolves, Zebras.

That is just some of them !!!!

Now we will do an exercise to find our own Animal Spirit Guide
Firstly I would like you to turn down or off any distractions, you need your full concentrations and somewhere that is fairly peaceful and quiet.
Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. I would like you all to take some nice deep breaths.

Take a deep breath in slowly through your nose and hold for a few seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this a few times, begin to relax your mind and body.
On each breath begin to relax more, feel your body muscles relaxing, your head and neck, your shoulders, arms and legs. Feel at total ease nothing is going to hurt you.

Try and quieten any thoughts. We are going to try and see our Animal Spirit guide using our 3rd eye. This is the area just above and between our eyebrows. It will be like watching a mini TV screen.
Some of you may be able to do this with your eyes open, but if you wish you can read the instructions and then close your eyes to do it.
As we sit relaxed pay attention to how you feel, be aware of this area where our 3rd eye resides. You may see shapes, pattens, colours this is normal. If you do not get anything do not worry this is not a test. You can try again another time.

As we sit now we are going to ask in our minds that our Animal Spirit Guide steps forward to show itself to us.
Just sit quiet and relaxed and wait. Our thoughts and requests are heard it just takes a little patience on our part. We will wait a moment or two as one may appear very soon.
It may not be an animal you were expecting to see. It may come slowly into view or it may appear in full form at once. Do not panic or worry remember this animal is for you. They help guide and protect us. We even may have had this animal with us in a previous life.

It may not be your favourite animal but allow it to show itself. It is with you for a reason.
Just stay relaxed and take note of what you see, and sense. Listen with your inner instincts do you feel your Animal Spirit Guides is conveying a message to you. Listen to your first thoughts, don’t doubt. Just let anything you hear, sense, see or feel come through.

The animal may appear in surroundings familiar to you. Take note of what is around the animal. Take note of any colours also. You may see more than one animal guide just try to focus on as much as you can. Enjoy what you are doing.

As the image begins to fade slowly you may open your eyes, try to remember as much as possible what you have just seen, write down anything that you saw or sensed etc.
Once you have found out what Animal Guide you have you can start finding out what their meanings are.

Here are some meanings but feel free to go surfing on the internet to find out more. Part of you learning about your animal spirit guides is not only to accept they are there but to learn as much about them as you can. Once you know what you have working with you look up in books about the animals.

The Wolf – The wolf comes when we need guidance in our lives, they are natural teachers. The wolf will teach us about spirituality and sacredness. The wolf teaches us to have confidence and strength in any decisions we need to make. The wolf can appear if you need to find balance in your life between friends and family or just to find balance within yourself.

The Eagle – The eagle is considered very spiritual and sacred to the Native Americans. The Eagle brings us clear vision and clarity when we wish to strive for our goals. The eagle points the way to the right path

The Bear – The bear reminds us to remember and respect our natural cycles. The bear rests during winter and awakens in the spring. So we too much make time and space to rest and rejuvenate. The bear tells us to awaken the potential in ourselves and remember the power of our unconscious mind. We are reminded there is time for work and time for play.

The Owl - The owl is very wise and knowing. The owl tells us we need to open our eyes and beware of what is happening around us. We need to sit and watch and listen to our surroundings and what is possibly going on behind the scenes.

The Horse - The horse is powerful and has great stamina, they represents freedom and power. A horse will help lead you to a safe passage and to something new.

The Dolphin - The dolphin is a beautiful creature. The dolphin will come when we need to seek the truth and break emotional barriers. They will help us to move forward in our lives and find harmony in all things.

The Rabbit - The rabbit is a very timid and fearful creature but quite often they will face their own fears. The rabbit can teach us to face our own fears, it can teach us when to defend ourselves or simply walk away. The rabbit teaches us to listen to our surroundings and to weigh up situations and defend ourselves accurately if we are in danger.

The Butterfly - As the butterflies entire life is full of change from being a catterpiller and then magnificently changing into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly tells us that we ourselves are about to face changes. The butterfly tells us to allow these changes gracefully.

As we know there are many more animal guides and their meanings that was just a few of them. Please take the time to find out as much as possible about your own animal guide. The internet is full of sites that mentions animal guides or totems and their meanings.