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Aura Colours


The human aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the body’s subtle life force.
These energies make you what you are, in turn they are affected by your lifestyle and environment. Your aura reflects you health, physical and psychological well being and your character.
The aura can be like an early warning system for indications of disease long before the onset of the actual symptoms.

Some of the following colours may appear in an aura. But remember the aura is constantly interactive all the time with its environment. Our moods and emotions can change at any time throughout the day so there for the colours change within our auras that reflect that particular mood or emotion or mental state.
Interpreting the colours in auras

White - the definition of white is for limitless potential energy, and the life force integration, the colour of soaring spirit. White is the colour of divinity and the life force.
Positive qualities - At it’s most vibrant this aura is the colour of the innovator and creator. A highly evolved colour indicating higher levels of consciousness and purity.
Negative aspects - A pale white can suggest a person is out of touch with the real world, while a murky white can reveal feelings of alienation from others.
Physical Associations. The vibrant clear aura is one of the integrated mind body spirit. A sense of completeness, good health and the ability to bring healing to groups of people who may be in conflict.
White rules the whole body, the mind and soul and the connections between them. White light is a natural pain reliever.

Red - Definition for action, change of passion, survival.
Positive qualities - A clear bright red, scarlet or rich ruby means the desire to bring about positive changes and passionate in love, it brings the desire for vibrant life.
Negative side - May indicate under laying aggression or vengefulness. Can also symbolise impulsiveness and irritability.
Physical associations - A bright red colour Indicates health and strength, the colour of the life force. Brings about the unobstructed flow of blood, healthy , cellular growth and sexual potency.
A murky red can indicate general infections, blood problems. A harsh red can indicate high blood pressure and high temperatures.
The Chakra associated with this is the ROOT CHAKRA or Base Chakra.

ORANGE - Definition - Confidence, Independence, Joy, Strong Identity, the colour of the integrator.
Positive Side - Rich orange indicates the ability to be creative, have artistic ability, be open minded and enthusiastic. To have an optimistic nature.
Negative Side - Pale orange can indicate low self esteem, loss of identity. A harsh orange can indicate eccentric behaviour. Murky orange with cracks can indicate an oversensitive ego.
Physical Associations - Colour of fertility and stimulation, clear orange indicates a healthy metabolism, regular pulse rate and efficient immune system. Cloudy orange may indicate allergies, infections in the reproductive system, menstrual pain.
Orange especially refers to the ovaries, large and small intestines, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys and muscles.
Chakra associated with this is the Sacral Chakra.

YELLOW - Definition - For logic, mind and thoughts. Knowledge of all kinds, colour of the communicator
Positive Side - If yellow is a quick silver colour the mind is focused on planning and new ideas, creating knowledge. Yellow is the colour of joy and clear communication. A brilliant yellow could mean the sign of a performer of the arts, actor or entertainer. A clear yellowy - brown signifies a scientific mind.
Negative Side - Irregular streaks of yellow could indicate hyperactivity. A mustardy yellow could hide resentment and jealousy. A metallic hazy yellow conceals less than honest intents or secrets.
Physical Associations – A clear bright yellow indicates a good memory, excellent powers of concentration. Good performing lymphatic and nervous system, a good healthy digestion.
A dull yellow can indicate skin and digestive disorders, especially amongst those that suffer from tension, stress and nervous exhaustion. Yellow rules the solar plexus, liver, kidneys, the nervous system. It also rules the joints where arthritis or rheumatism may reside.
The Chakra associated with this is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

GREEN - Definition - Love, harmony, nature and environment.
Positive Side - A rich green reveals a loving heart with generosity, generous with money, time and love. A person with this aura colour can be trusted as they speak from their heart, and mean what they say. Olive green brings good humour, new hope
Negative Side - A pale green could indicate the need for emotional dependency. A dull green could indicate conflicting emotions. A yellowy green could be the sign of unwarranted jealousy and possessiveness. Lime green can indicate stress within current relationships.
Physical Associations - A clear green could indicate a sign of a good stable blood pressure, healthy heart and respiratory system. Metallic green the flickers could indicate food related illness and panic attacks. Murky green can reveal a tendency towards coughs and colds, viruses , chest infections and bronchial problems.
Green rules the heart, lungs, respiratory system, cell and tissue growth and overall body regeneration. Emerald green is the colour used in healing. The chakra associated with this in the Heart Chakra.

TURQUOISE - Colour of the wise healer, for integration of mind and heart, feelings and thoughts. Wisdom and experience.
Positive Side - Can indicate a poet, innovator or and artist. Those with this in colour in their aura are naturally protective towards others. They naturally protect the weak.
Negative Side - None
Physical Associations - stimulates and strengthens the immune system, soothes inflammation, calms nerves, aides healing, soothes asmathmatic problems and general respiratory difficulties. Helps heal skin complaints. Turquoise rules the throat, upper back, repertory problems and swellings of all kinds. Turquoise influences the thyroid gland and is used to restore harmony throughout the whole body.
The Chakras associated with this are the Throat and Heart

BLUE - Definition - the colour for the seeker after truth. For ideals, expansion of both the perspective and physical horizons and authority.
Positive Side - A rich blue can indicate that someone has found the right path in life. Natural powers of leadership. A person who has this colour tends to weigh up the facts before acting or speaking, they have a keen sense of justice
A bright blue indicates a person will put principles first before personal gain. A pale blue can indicate an idealist, a person with ideas of making the world a better place. Clear blue represents detachment, its also a good antidote to irrational anger and misplaced passion. Blue/Indigo indicates the ability to communicate telepathically. Blue is a healing colour.
Negative Side - A dull blue can indicate someone who is over conservative, goes by the letter rather than the spirit of the law. A harsh blue can indicate someone like to govern all, like to be in charge.
Physical Associations - A clear blue is a sign of stable blood pressure, regular heart rate and balance of hormones. Blue soothes pains and inflammation. A dull blue can indicate depression or thyroid, teeth or throat problems, an overactive thyroid can show up as a murky blue.A harsh metallic blue can indicate someone who suffers with migraines and headaches. Blue rules the left side of the brain and nervous system. The Chakra associated with this is the Throat Chakra.

PURPLE - Definition - Awareness, spirituality, psychic inner vision, the colour of the evolving soul.
Positive Side - A rich shade or purple indicates a connection with unconscious wisdom, a collective knowledge of mankind. A clear colour indicates awareness and natural clairvoyant powers
Negative Side - If the colour is blurred it can indicate the person spends too long in daydreams and illusions. A dark colour purple may indicate someone feels alone
Physical Associations - A rich clear purple indicate the mind body and spirit are working in harmony, their physical senses merge nicely and naturally with their psychic senses. A dull cloudy purple could indicate ear infections, eye infections, headaches, nightmares and sleeplessness. Purple rules the right side of the brain, the ears, eyes, sinuses, the scalp and all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. The Chakra associated with this is the Brow or Third Eye Chakra.

PINK - Definition - unconditional love, gentleness, a wise councillor
Positive Side - A clear pink can indicate the person is a natural peace maker and friend to the vulnerable. Will feel close towards children and animals.
Negative Side - A harsh pink may indicate occasional over possessiveness in relation towards family and children.
A transparent pink may indicate emotional exhaustion, they have given to much to others emotionally. Coral Pink is a sign of unrequited love. A misty pink can indicate the person see other people points of view but can make their own decision without a firm direction.
Physical Associations - A vibrant pink indicates balanced emotions, regular sleep patterns they can maintain relaxation . The ability to heal especially with children and animals. A harsh pink can indicate they are inclined to get headaches or earaches. Transparent pink can indicate can indicate physical and emotional exhaustion.
Pink rules the head, the glands and all illnesses with psychosomatic origins. It is associated with all family ills and those connected with babies and children.
The chakra associated with this is the Heart Chakra

BROWN - Definition - Nurturing powers, acceptance of frailty in self and others, earthing power. Builder of firm foundations.
Positive - Rich golden brown can indicate a person deeply rooted in Mother Earth. A lover of the land and favour environmental issues. A warm brown colour is a nurturer. A deep brown indicates instinctive and practical wisdom.
Negative - A murky brown can indicate over indulgence and narrow horizons. A harsh brown can indicate someone is obsessed with money and materialistic gains
Physical Associations - A dull shade can indicate over work or stress, blockages within the chakra system. A rich brown indicates a store of primal energy and physical strength.
The Chakra associated with this Root or Base

BLACK - Definition - regeneration, transitions, acceptance of life as it is, confrontation of mortality, colour of the transformer.
Positive - A clear almost transparent black can indicate the a person is resting emotionally and spiritually. This may occur after a stressful period so the person is growing stronger behind the protective darkness.
Negative - A matt black can indicate depression or exhaustion, black spot or streaks can appear in the aura.
A harsh black can indicate a person frequently offloads problems to other people but will ignore positive advice and suggestions. They make the most of their problems, they are possibly psychic vampires. A Aura to avoid!!
Physical Associations - Black spots may indicate some part of the body is imbalanced or energy isn’t flowing as freely as it should. They could be holding negative habits they should be working on to release. Chakra associated with this is the Root or Base Chakra.

GREY - Definition - Keeper of secrets, adaptability, compromise, ability to merge into background.
Positive - A silver dove grey can indicate the person is a peacemaker, they remain neutral in hostile situations.
Negative - A dull grey suggests depression. A pale grey can be a sign of unwillingness to challenge or indecision
Physical Associations - A clear dove grey is a good sign of a person not easily given to stress, they can maintain a stable constitution. A pale grey can suggest a depleted anger store, thus their immune system may not be as effective as normal. Grey rules the subconscious mind, the bones and the etheric body.
Chakra associated with this is the Root Chakra.

SILVER - Definition - For mystery, feminine intuitive wisdom, for gentle gradual growth.
Positive - Silver stars or streaks indicate hidden potential, mystery and secrets of a kind that are exciting and will when revealed bring joy.Silver can also indicate pregnancy, or a time when conception is possible. But it can also indicate the possibility the seeds of creativity , imagination and the awakening or re-awakening sexuality.
Negative - Metallic Silver can indicate the sign that someone is seeking to create an illusion, they crave excitement and stimulation.
Physical Associations Silver indicates healthy regulations of body fluids, the ability to eliminate impurities and pain from the body.A matt distended silver can a sign of fluid retention and the inability to move on psychologically from the past.
Silver rules the cycles of the body especially female one.
Chakra associated with this is the Brow Chakra.

GOLD - Definition - Perfection, immortality, the colour of the visionary
Positive - Gold is the colour of the visionary, the seer, one who’s life will change the world in a positive way.
Negative - Harsh gold can indicate a desire for worldly wealth at any cost, an obsession with power.
Physical Associations - Gold indicates long life. It is the most powerful healing colour of healthy and vitality, natural regenerating qualities of the body and mind
A tarnished gold may suggest a tendency towards addictions, compulsions, and obsessions.
Gold rules the Spine, Skin and Nervous System.
The Chakra associated with this is the Whole Chakra System.