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What is an Aura? You hear this word mentioned a lot today, either by the media or just everyday people. Some of you on your spiritual path will know about aura's but for those of you who don't I will try to explain a little about them, what they are and how they help us.
Around our entire body there is an energy field, this is what is known as an aura. This energy field is basically your blueprint of your soul. This energy field contains all sorts of information about you. Everything you say, think or do is recorded in this energy field. Nothing is missed. Not only does the aura hold information about you now in this lifetime but it will also contain information about your previous lifetimes.

Whatever you have learnt in previous lifetimes or indeed what you are learning now is being recorded in your souls blueprint, your aura. The aura can contain many colours and these colours have meanings. Some Clairvoyants can read other people aura's. In other words they are able to pick up the energy within your aura and interpritate what they sense and feel. A Clairvoyant will pick up how you are feeling and will also sense any anxieties you may have. As our moods change so does the colours within our aura. For instance someone who is very angry they would probably have a lot of red in theirs, if they have a softer red or pink it would mean they are feeling in a loving mood. Some of the colours have many meanings and I will explain about the colour meanings in more detail later. Our aura has seven levels and each level has it's own meaning and controls various aspects about our true selves. The aura levels will be explained a bit further on.

Your Chakra's play a big part in the aura system also. As each chakra has it own colour it will emit that colour and that will also show up in the aura around the area where that certain Chakra resides.
Everything posses an aura, even inanimate objects (something with no life to it)
Animate or living life forms have stronger auras because they are constantly interacting between their environment and themselves.
A good example to practice seeing auras is with plants, as you know plants emit light. When a plant is cut or needs watering its aura fades. I have a friend who can see the auras of plants, he says there is a tremendous amount of colour with them, and he sees the petals themselves with the added bonus of seeing their aura's.
On a clear night take notice of the moon it is surrounded by its golden luminescence. Ever see sea spray or mist when the sun is shining? You often see tiny rainbows appear within the mist.

The human aura is constantly moving it is never static. It constantly interacts with what’s in and around its environment. As I said some people can detect and see these auras, they see and feel them. Detecting a person aura you can pick up their thoughts, desires and anxieties. Ever had someone visit your house and you instantly feel something is wrong.. You sense the atmosphere has changed your picking up on that person’s energy, whether it is their emotions like for instance they are in a bad mood. You instinctively pick up this energy, this ability is within all of us.

Another example is You could be at a party a few friends around, everyone is happy then suddenly the atmosphere has changed as someone else has joined the party and you all instantly sense they are not happy for some reason.
Children have very clear and pure auras; they aren’t in the adult world of thoughts and logic yet. Mind if a child has been badly hurt emotionally and betrayed their auras wont be as bright as other children’s that haven’t had emotional issues. Like I said your auras show all emotions.
As our auras contain so much information about us they can also show up any illness's. Signs of illness can show up in our auras a long time before they actually manifest into our physical bodies. That is why keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important. I know many people are sceptical of this but it is true.
As everything is linked like the Chakras are linked to the aura and so the aura is linked to our physical well being.

 Healthy Chakras = Healthy Aura = Healthy Physical Body.

There are 7 levels in our auras these are as follows .

The first level is the Etheric Layer, its just a few centimetres from your skin.
As it’s the most dense layer of the spirit body, it has the lowest vibration and is the closest to the physical body it can reflect the physical condition of the whole body. Mostly this can appear a silver colour if all is well. People who have the wonderful ability to read and interpret auras my also see other colours within that aura. For instance a Clairvoyant might see Red mixed in, this could mean that person might be angry or even a strong desire of lust!

The second layer is the Emotional Body.
This deals with emotions, both within ourselves and with anyone else we may come in contact with. The Emotional layer is usually seen as a swirling mass of energy around the body. It's colour begins in the clearer reds but as it expands it colour is pure Orange. This level is most subject to change, with emotional issues, it will change colour depending on moods, stress or events taking place

The third level is the Mental Layer This is where all your thoughts and ideas, where every idea and thought is fashioned into reality. Orange is in this level too but it merges into pure Yellow. This level too can change, it can be affected by everyday emotions and actions, and so it merges with the previous level the Emotional layer, to be part of predominant mood aura

The fourth level is the Astral Layer
This marks the division between the physical and mental layers and the higher levels of spirit. Its concerned with interaction with people. This is the layer of love and relationships. Emotional Bonds are formed on this layer ,As the colour moves from a golden yellow it becomes a pure Green. Relationship issues can also affect the mood aura.

The fifth level is the Etheric Template It is the copy of the physical body but on a higher level. It’s the master copy of which the Etheric Body models itself on. Remember the Etheric was the 1st level. Here the Green merges into a Blue, often showing as a Turquoise. In this level it is where moods and emotions become spiritually and globally focused.

The Sixth level is the Celestial Body - The body of emotional level on the spiritual plane. Through this layer we are able to commune personally with other dimensions, whether it is with Angels, Spirit Guides or the Higher Self. It is the level of Unconditional Love and Trust, on this level the colour becomes and Indigo colour.

The Seventh and the highest layer is the Ketheric Template.
This is the highest layer of the spiritual level. Through this layer we can become one with the cosmos, or Divinity and pure spirit.
The Colour here is Gold or White.

You can practice seeing someone else’s aura by getting a friend to stand still. I need dim light to do this but practice with different light levels. I also find using a plain background is best. Having a background that has too many colours or textures in it makes it very difficult to focus as the background will pull your attention.
As they stand cast your gaze to them. I try to gaze around their head area. As you gaze at them cast your gaze slightly away from their head, again slightly put your vision out of focus. I find the head area is the best area to try and capture someone’s aura.
As you look you might see a white mist or haze that goes around their entire head. Actually this energy field is going all the way around their entire body. In most people its usually a white colour.
If you don't see anything at first, don't give up just keep practicing. You can try seeing the auras on plants, look at their leaves, it is a living organism so a life force is running through it. You can practice on your pets too, again try keep with a plain background to do this. As your cat sleeps have a peek :)
As you learn to read and perceive auras there are many colours that can appear in our auras. As our moods change throughout the day so force does the colour sequences within the aura change.

You don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to see the energy that’s around you.
Here is an exercise you can try to see your own auras.
Turn out the lights and lay down on a bed
Leave the curtains open to obtain natural light, some people might find a dim lighter better like at dusk
Some might find a brighter light better, whatever just keep experimenting to you know what suits you

As you lay down put your hands out in front of you .Hold them apart and above and in front of you
Start to gaze at your hands, do not stare just gaze at them.
I find if I slightly put my eyes out of focus I can see better, everyone is different.
Move your hands together until your fingers on each hand nearly touch.
Slowly wiggle your fingers, keep gazing as you do this.

As you wiggle your fingers you might notice a bluey white haze around them. This is your aura.
Keep practicing if nothing happens the first time.
Having your fingers move makes it easier to see, as your fingers move so does the aura around them.

Another exercise you can try is…I find this better done in dim light or at dusk with natural light coming in.
Stand in front of a mirror, either the bathroom mirror or any mirror will do.
Look at yourself in the mirror ,again gaze at yourself. Do not stare or strain your eyes.
Look at your head but then cast your gaze to the side of your head. Again I put my eyes slightly out of focus to do this.
Again you might see a bluish white haze around your head. If you find doing this is uncomfortable or makes your eyes hurt ..Stop

The Moon surrounded by its golden luminescence