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The following is an ideal tool for those learning mediumship, it was originally written by Mr. Stephen O'Brien. Though I have re written this information the copyright remains in Mr. Stephen O'Brien's name.

Using C.E.R.T can help a medium gather information to help prove the continued existence of those passed over to the spirit realms. This will help a medium get genuine communication from spirit to prove that the soul and personality of our loved ones does indeed carry on.

C = Communicator.  This is the discarnate soul that is communicating with the medium. This is often a passed loved one or a relative to the sitter.  The communicator is encouraged to supply as much information as possible so that it can be recognised and verified by the sitter.  The following guidelines should be given.  Height, Appearance, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Build, Age, how the deceased died i.e.. heart related etc.   Their relationship to the sitter, work, any information that can be given so the communicator (spirit) can be identified by the sitter.

E = Evidence.  Once the communicator has be identified and verified the following information should be included.  Any memories, mammerisms, hobbies, illness's within the family. Events happening around the sitter, shared events, anything to give help and verify the reading.

R = Reason.  This covers why spirit has chosen to communicate at this time. This could be to give reassurance and comfort to those bereaving. To tell the sitter they are indeed very aware of what is happening, to give love and support and guidance.  To prove that there is life after death.

T = Tie It Up.  This means tie up all the information together. Give reassurance from the communicator to the sitter that they are indeed aware of what is happening, are around to give support and love from the spirit realms.


 CERT © Stephen O'Brien