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Channelling Spirit Guides


Communication with spirit guides take patience and practice. Our guides are there but not all the time; they too have others things to do as part of their development in the higher realms. They come when they are needed, they help and protect us. They can’t make decisions for us on issues that are entirely up to us. We are given free will for that. But they do guide us. They can’t live our lives for us so do not be totally dependent on them for answers all the time, they guide us but we have to make the choices.
Meditating is one of the best ways to communicate with your guide. Being relaxed as possible with no outside interference from telephones or other people. Calming the mind is one of the hardest things to do, but it is important that we try. Spirit find it very hard to get through if our brains are constantly thinking away.. Being as quiet as you can and relaxed helps build the bond between you and your guide.

Sitting comfortably with your feet flat on the floor or laying on the bed, find what is comfortable to you. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths in through your nose, hold for a count of 6 and release slowly out through your mouth. Imagine a bright pure white light around you, breath in this pure white light. This light will help raise your auras vibration. Repeat this breathing for about 4 times, breath in positive energy. Imagine your breathing in plus signs and exhaling minus signs. On the exhale you want to release any negative thoughts or feelings being held within you. Ask for these negative thoughts and feelings to be taken away, send them away into the universe. Then ask for your own good positive energy to be returned to you. Holding onto negative thoughts and feelings is of no use to you, so let them go.

Stay relaxed and just breathe normally, you feel calm and peaceful. Your whole body is relaxing. Concentrate on your breathing, this will help the mind stay quieter from other thoughts that you have put aside. Beware of how you feel, with eyes closed what do you see, your third eye is between your eyebrows, be aware of this area. You might not see anything at all at first but wait. Do you see colours? Symbols? Ask your guides to draw close to you. Do you feel any sensations, tingling around your body or head? Ask for something like your guides name. Names aren’t important but it’s nice to put a name to a guide. If you sense your guide near ask him or her to touch you somewhere, did you feel anything? You might hear something, it might feel like you heard it inside your head or it might feel that it came from outside externally. Go with the first thoughts you get. Don’t doubt, don’t think about what you heard just go with it. Often the first thoughts are correct. Ask your guide some questions; ask what his purpose is and how he can help you. Ask for something you can identify with like a symbol so when you see this symbol again you will know your guide is present. Always thank your guides. Doing this meditation same time each day will help communication grow stronger.

If nothing happens the first time you try meditating do not be put off. Keep practicing; your guides will not grow impatient with you they know you are learning. The reason we do this is so that our own aura expands. Everything is done through thought and vibration. Guides and spirits vibrations are a lot higher than our own, so we have to practice to expand our own auras so we can meet up along side their energy.
Keeping your own aura healthy is important too. Stress, bad diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol, lack of fresh air, exercise weaken our auras. If our auras get weaken we become susceptible to outside influences and bad health. Like attracts like in the spirit world so it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle so you will attract spirits like yourselves.
If you are a good kind caring person and try to help others you will attract that kind of spirit. If you are someone who is selfish and unkind to others and doesn’t care about anything but himself or harms other people you are more likely to attract that kind of spirit. I know which one I would rather attract!

As you progress with learning to communicate with your guides, you will gradually begin to notice which guide is with you at the time. One guide my touch you somewhere as another guide might make you feel more calmer. As we progress along our paths we will have many guides to come along and assist us in certain attributes we are learning. Remember we are never alone. Our guides aren't with us 24/7 they too have certain things to do in the spirit realms, I think spending all day and everyday with us would be rather boring don't you. They are around when we need them.
Remember they are to assist you, not to do everything for you. Don't go thinking they will give you the answers to everything they won't! They too have to abide by the Spiritual Laws. Some issues we have to find out by ourselves, how else would we learn. It's like an exam paper you've completed the exam paper by cheating, finding out all the answers before hand, at the end of the day you haven't learnt anything, think about it. Whenever you have made contact with your guides always thank them. They do like to feel appreciated and thanked same as we do.

If your more interested in finding out about your own spirit guides why not visit our free chat room. There will be classes and discussions on about Spirit Guides and guided meditations and visualisations so you can indeed meet your own.