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Dowsing Rods


Those people that use dowsing rods are known as diviners. They are able to sense through the use of rods or a pendulum the vibrations of the object they are looking for. Back in ancient times dowsing was used to trace and locate fresh water and gold. Much later on people began to realise that everything has its own vibration and energy. Any form of life has it own vibration whether it be water, gold, animals, plants or people.

The most traditional type of dowsing rod and most familiar is the Y shaped twig. The dowser holds the twig by the two branches with the Y part pointing forwards. As they walk along the twig will vibrate or twitch if it has located what the diviner is looking for. Traditionally dowsing rods were cut from the Hazel tree. Years ago this tree was reputed to have magical and mystical powers.
Today of course you can buy dowsing rods. Today's rods are usually a pair of L rods, these are also sometimes known as Angel Rods. With this type of modern day dowsing a rod is held in each hand. There is usually some sort of handle to hold and the longer part of the rods points forwards. These type of rods are usually made from metal. The difference between these type and the old traditional rod is that the rods (one in each hand) will turn towards each other or cross over if the item being sort has been located by the rods. If both rods suddenly turn in the same direction i.e. they both swing in the same direction to the right this could indicate the diviner needs to change direction for him to continue his quest to locate the object.

A personal friend of mine is an expert in the use of dowsing rods. He is often called upon to help trace "Ley Lines" around your village. Many have been astounded to find they have ley lines passing through their property. Apparently he found 3 separate ley lines going through the village and they become one big ley line where our local church is, then they split again back into 3 separate ley lines once again outside the grounds of the church.
Anyone can learn the art of dowsing. In you mind set about what your looking for i.e. Water or a missing jewellery, wander around to where you think it might be…At some point as you concentrate the rods will begin to move together and cross over and start to point down or just cross over.

You can even play a game of find the children which they will participate it. Ask the kids to go and hide somewhere in the house or garden. Take up your rods and in your mind say Where are the kids? As you wander around your house or garden watch what your rods are doing, go in each room, do they begin to move to meet each other…keep trying…As you nearer to the kids you will see the rods begin to cross over….Have fun!