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Grounding & Protection

It is very important that we are grounded and protected when working along side spirit. It is also important to be grounded within giving and receiving healing also. Being grounded is very beneficial to you at all times. But it is important that when we do spiritual work like communicating with spirit that we are both grounded and have protection.
My guides have insisted I bring this subject up with you as it seems some people are unaware how to ground or protect or they just do not realize how necessary it is.

Communicating with spirit in any way either with tools or through mediation and visulisations is not a game. All spiritual work must be taken seriously. The majority of spiritually minded people are fully aware of this but sadly there are a few people out there who treat is all as a game, this is unwise. Why is it necessary? For your safety and well being.

As in life there are good and bad people, so it is in death! Do not be fooled by people who seem to insist there isn’t such a bad thing as a bad spirit. They are out there! I am not trying to scare you in anyway, I am pointing out the facts. Most of the time in controlled conditions we have good spirits around us, like attracts like it is universal law.

If you are a good kind caring person you will attract the same kind of spirit. It is the same if someone on this plain isn’t so nice, they are nasty or cruel, vindictive and into heavy drugs etc they will attract the same kind of spirit as they are themselves.
As I said earlier in controlled conditions like here on site or in spiritual churches communicating with spirit is safe. We teach people how to ground and protect themselves. Nothing can hurt you if you carry out the necessary exercises properly.

You work with the love and light no harm will come to you what so ever. For people who dabble in the dark side of the occult well basically they could be asking for trouble. Today there is far too much emphasis on the dark occult side. So many horror movies being made, no wonder the children of today act out sinister plots because they saw it in this kind of movie. They shouldn’t be allowed to watch such movies but sadly a lot of them do.

What ever you are interested in is watched by those in spirit. They miss nothing. If we talk about passed loved ones and have a high vibration of love energy around us, our loved ones move in closer and watch and listen and sometimes suddenly want to say something.
It is exactly the same if you start talking about or are involved in dark occult activities. You begin to draw in that kind of spirit, a lot of people are totally unaware of this but it is true.

Spirit loves any kind of attention. And those that aren’t so nice love nothing better to attach themselves to someone who is very vulnerable and unaware what is going on. So our advice to you is think about what you are doing or saying or what you are getting involved with. Work with the love and light and No harm will come to you.

One of the best ways to ground yourself is the “roots”. I use this method all the time it is very good.
Imagine strong firm tree roots coming out the souls of your feet. These roots are going way into the ground, they are anchoring you. Carrying crystals in your pocket is also another way to help with grounding.

Being grounded can be very beneficial to your everyday life too. It can
Increase balance and stability in our emotional state
It makes the release of energy easier. We have to let certain negative energies be released for our own well being.

It helps bring our healing abilities into the physical
It helps give and maintain strength
It helps in bridging the gap between our world and the spiritual realms
It helps us reach the higher spiritual levels.
What can happen if we are not grounded properly?

When working with spirit you could suddenly feel very light headed or dizzy
You could feel spaced – out
You could have heart palpitations
You could get static shocks, become light and sound sensitive, argumentative for no reason, fall asleep while meditating, become forgetful.

Remember when spirit often communicates to us they often impress their emotions or how they actually passed on us. A spirit that passed due to a heart attack would impress this, they mean no harm by it but if you are not grounded properly you could suddenly feel heavy chested yourself.  When their energy comes in contact with yours you can feel and sense it. You could suddenly feel not quite right, light headed or suddenly dizzy. If this happens say nicely but firmly to spirit please step back abit. It is only spirit trying to gain your attention and impress their thoughts and feelings upon you. The majority of them mean no harm what so ever, they just tend to get over keen and forget we sensitive can feel everything.

How is the best way to stay grounded through everyday life. This little list will also help bring you back down to earth if you have expericed any of the effects I gave earlier.
Drinking fresh water regularly
Eating a healthy balanced diet
Yoga, sports etc
Being around animals and pets
Gardening or any out door activities.

Now you know about the grounding part I will explain the protection part.
As we are on this earth plain we are in a physical body. Those of us that are on our spiritual paths or about to begin one will soon realize there is a lot more to this life than just our physical bodies.

Everything around us including us is made up of energy. We have all at so time been in a room with other people and suddenly someone else comes into that room. You realize the atmosphere has suddenly changed from a happy environment to a slightly lower vibration. This is because you have sensed and picked up how that person is feeling emotionally and physically. We all give off energy, whoever we come into contact with throughout the day we pick up pieces of that persons energy.
Their energy if you like has invaded your space. We have our own energy fields around our entire bodies its is known as the Aura.

When beginning to work with spirit it is important that we protect ourselves. If we do not we will feel everything that a spirit will impress upon us. Their vibration is a lot higher than ours and we will sense and feel what they put out to us.
Energy can be positive and negative whether it is from someone living or a discarnate soul. Being protected can help us against any negative thoughts and feelings.
Having negative energy around you is not nice. You do not want to carry someone else’s negative energy so it is best to be guarded against it. Negative energy can make you feel very uncomfortable and in some cases can make you feel ill.
As you become more spiritually aware and sensitive you will notice you have become more aware of the energy that is around you. So it important we should know what to do so we don’t become susceptible to any negative energy that we may encounter either by living people or discarnate souls if we are doing work with spirit.
Here are some ways you can stay protected.
Imagine yourself surrounded by the pure white light of the Holy Spirit. I call this the Bubble Up method. Imagine yourself surrounded entirely by this pure white light; it’s your own transparent eggshell.

Let this Holy Light above your head slowly surround your entire body. It will start at the crown of your head and work its way down.  This light will completly protect you inside your body and outside.  Let is travel way down to the souls of your feet, once at the soles of your feet this Holy light will automatically ignite the roots at the soles of your feet to find their way into the ground.  No matter where you are these roots will find their way into the earths core to Mother Natures saftey zone that is put in place for us.  These roots will curl themselves around huge boulders and anchor us.  As you do this method really push your roots out in your mind

Nothing can harm you if you Ground & Protect yourself.

Drink lots of water, this will help dispel any negative energy it will also revitalize you.
Colours can be protective also. Wearing garments that are purple, blue, gold, silver
The use and wearing of protective symbols like the Egyptian Ankh, crosses, and rune symbols. There are many decorative protective symbols on the market nowadays.
Wearing crystal pendants is also good. These too are easily available on the market.
Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst the list is endless.

Some good crystals that enable grounding are
Jasper, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline
Agate, Tigers Eye, Hematite, Carnelian, Garnet, Pyrite, Amber

Some good crystals for protection are
Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye, Hawks eye (blue tiger’s eye)

You can carry a small tumble stone selection in your pocket.