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Universal Healing energy is all around us, all the time . You do not have to be psychic to ask for it to be given to yourself or someone, it is there for everyone. Anything asked for from the heart is heard. All your prayers and requests are heard by those that reside in the spirit realms. All requests and prayers are also answered in some way , you just may not see the results instantly
Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit.
Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as 'love and light' which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing.

The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be amazing.
In the past you often used to hear the term faith healer, well this in fact basically implied that anyone wishing to be healed had to have a deep respect in faith of any sort, whether they are Christian or whatever. In fact this is not so. Anyone can receive healing. Spiritual Healers are not particularly linked to any kind of religion, they may have faith in a certain culture but this does not stop them giving healing to anyone who does not follow a cultural path or have religious beliefs.

In actual fact healing energy is all around us, all the time. This is why it is often known as Universal Healing. That special energy that we can't see is indeed there to be used.
A healer acts like a conduit to the energy that is around them. They can guide this energy through to their patient either by a hands on method or indeed distantly.
As our bodies are made up of energy this universal healing energy is also able to penetrate areas within our bodies to repair and speed recovery.

Our bodies have many layers not just the main physical one that all of you mostly see. Healing energy can help these layers mend themselves. Often many illnesses appear within our energy fields long before they manifest into the physical so trying to keep a healthy lifestyle is important.
Many spiritual healers undergo a lot of training as there is a code of conduct to be followed. There are various training centres around but one of the most well known is the National Federation Of Spiritual Healers. Spiritual churches also offer guidance and training courses if you wish to undertake this practice and become a fully qualified healer.
There are other types of healing energy methods available also. Myself when I do healing I combine universal healing energy with reiki healing energy.

Some healers have had no training but they are born gifted with the natural ability to help heal people. One of the most famous mediums and healers was the late Edgar Cayce who could under trance mediumship conditions find out the ailment to the patient and a cure. He had many amazing results, he was truly a natural gifted psychic medium healer. Healing energy of Divine energy is it also known as works at a very high vibration. This is a lot higher than the patient requiring healings own vibrational rate.

There are various types of healing undertaken by a healer.
Hands On - With hands on the healer will channel this energy to the patient. Often the healer has mediumship abilities and qualities this is because the healing energy is being sent by spirit. A healer in the spirit realms will guide this healing energy through to the medium/healer who in turn then channels or guides this energy to the patient.
Healing energy will reach the parts of the physical body and layers within the patients aura/energy field, it will travel to where it is needed. Often healing energy continues to do its work long after it has been administered. It can last quite a few hours.

Distant Healing - This is also often known as Absent Healing, with this method the healing energy is sent to the patient if they are not actually present. The patient will still receive healing. Often the healer with psychic, mediumship abilities is able to tune in and see where the healing is needed. Healing energy is boundless, it has no barriers. No matter where the patient is on this planet they will receive healing if they so wish it.

Healing with Colour - This is another form of healing. Again this works alongside our energy fields or auras. Our aura's and chakras are vitally important to our well being. Each chakra has its own colour and vibration. Applying colour therapy to each individual chakra can be very beneficial. It can help keep our chakras healthy and clean, it can remove any blockages and negative energy.
As I said earlier keeping our aura's and chakra's healthy is important. Illness can long occur within our aura's long before they manifest into the physical body.

Please read up links on aura's and chakras and how to keep them healthy and clear.

If you would like to request healing from our lovely healers on site you can request in the Open Awareness Forum or email

Please feel free to check our Class List events page as we will be holding regular Healing Circles.