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Is There Life After Death?

This is the burning question on everyone's minds at some point during their life. Is there such a thing as life after death? Well without a shadow of a doubt I can tell you .....YES.
Over the years I have experienced many encounters with spirit and communicated with many. Once we pass over to the spirit realms we do indeed carry on. The best way I can explain this is that our physical body is our vehicle for this duration of lifetime. It is like an old car, it begins to wear down and finally die, so what happens when your own car dies completely on you? You get out of it and move on to another car.
This is the same process for yourselves, we can't escape death every single on of us at some point in time is going to die, there is no getting away from that fact. But when it is your time to pass over you will simple leave your physical body and move on to the spirit realms. Where indeed you will meet up with those who are already there that you once knew on this plain. Your soul and personality will carry on, you will leave the physical body behind it is of no use to you anymore.
You will pass over to the spirit realms where you will have one big reunion with those who passed before you. I have had many people ask me about relatives that were very ill before they died, well when they move onto the spirit realms some of them will go to the healing halls. Here they will receive healing and counselling if it is needed. Once they recover they then will rejoin their own loved ones already there.
At this point I will say that everyone is met when they pass over. Everyone is offered help. You may have thought you're loved ones died alone, well in fact there was probably someone there in spirit to help guide them over.
I know for a fact that my own father came for my mum. Weeks previously before her death he visited in a dream. In this dream he was standing beside her bed holding out his hand, he was showing that he would be there as he knew I would not be at the time of passing. Of course when I woke from this dream I thought he was telling me she had already passed that night, so I was a bit concerned and rang the nursing home she was in. She was still with us at that point, but weeks later after I had visited her one afternoon she suddenly decided it was time she departed. I had to get back home to my children but I had been with her all day until around 4pm. Not long after I got home the phone rang with the news, of course I was devastated but I take great relief in knowing that in fact Dad was there, he was also correct about the fact I would not be there at the time of mum passing.
Since my mum passed she has come back and visited too, so does Dad, they are often around. I was also grateful to a lovely medium friend who gave me a reading where Mum did indeed confirm it happened as I said it would. She also validated that yes Dad did indeed stand beside the bed and took her hand and guided her over :). My friend also gave lots of lovely other information too that only I knew about so I was able to validate the entire medium-ship reading 100%
So do spirits know about things before they happen? Yep! Those passed over know about future events as well as passed events. Pay attention to your dreams, they can give valuable information about the situations you find yourselves in, they can reveal an answer too. 
Why do our past loved ones choose to make contact? Well there could be many reasons. If they themselves are ready to communicate and the person they want to communicate with is also ready then they will find a way. We can't make our passed over loved ones want to communicate that is entirely up to them, but the majority of them do. One main reason for this is that they want basically to tell you that they are indeed still around although you can't actually see them.

So do our past loved ones still exist? Yes they certainly do, like I said before just because you can’t see them does not mean they aren’t there. They may have left their physical earth bodies but their souls and personalities carry on. You can’t see the wind but you know it is there only by seeing and feeling the effects the wind has on us or our surroundings. You can’t see electricity but you know it is there, it is tapped into so it can be used.

Spirit communicates by thoughts and vibrations; everything is done by thoughts and vibrations. A Medium or a Psychic is able to tap into these thoughts and vibrations. It is a bit like being an antenna for a TV or a radio, lots of signals are travelling through the air and the antenna picks them up and translates them into sound or visible pictures.

For myself it is like having a tiny TV screen inside my head, sounds crazy I know but it is the only way I can really explain it. Usually at first I will sense or feel spirit is about, then quite often they will show themselves to me and I will then visually see within my mind. My own abilities include sensing, hearing, seeing and the ability to smell fragrances that spirit sometimes associate themselves with. I am also empathic which means I can pick up on theirs or a living person’s emotion.

Every Medium or Psychic works differently; at this point I would also like to point out that everyone is born with these abilities. Yep even you!

We all are born with it, it just depends whether we choose to keep it or let it go. As I said earlier I was aware of mine at an early age, I just accepted it. It is up to each individual whether they choose to learn and grow with these abilities or whether they prefer to forget about it entirely. A lot also depends on a child’s upbringing, some parents would encourage it some wouldn’t depending on their own thoughts and feelings on the subject. Some think it is totally taboo and through ignorance and lack of understanding think its all devils work.

It is not devils work! I can’t strongly illiterate this strongly enough. I work with the love and light. Jesus himself was an excellent psychic and healer as we all know. Read the Bible for yourselves if you do not believe me. Did he not predict his own death and he also knew who would betray him for 30 pieces of silver