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The word Karma seems to be on everyone's tongues lately, it has suddenly become the "in word" maybe that is a good sign that civilisation has finally woke up to realise that we are truly responsible for our own actions.
The word "Karma" first originated in the Hindu belief. It is a Sanskrit word that means deed or act. It is the principle of Cause and Effect. It is present in this life and any past or future lives. The Buddists also believe in the Karmic laws of Cause and Effect. The theory is whatever actions we do good or bad go instantly towards our own karma, and later in a next life it will be carried over and returned to us in some way.

My personal belief is that we are already working out our old karma's now. I always say to people THINK before you act, say or do anything. Because once that thought is put into action or spoken and it is out the mouth it is automatically recorded in our auras and therefore added to a karmic debts. Remember the sayings "What goes around, Comes around" and "Reap what you Sow". Karma will come back to you. And it comes back ten-fold to what it first went out as! So think and act positive so any karma returning to you will come back positive also.

Act and think negatively i.e.: Being nasty and evil in thought and deed to someone whether it is in person or even through a Internet Chat Room, that karma will return to you ten-fold, and it will come back just as negative as you sent it out in the first place.
Always think is the action I'm about to do going to be for the good of all others and myself? Or is the action going to have a knock on effect of causing hurt and pain and harm to others. If it is for the good then carry on if it is for the good benefit of all. If it could cause negative effects like hurt and harm to others - STOP!

Once you have said something and it is out your mouth, the energy behind that thought and deed is off on its travels, there is no stopping it.
If you have done something with a good positive intention behind it but the effect of doing good didn't quite turn out as planned do not worry, many people worry though they tried to help someone it back fired. The main issue here is the "intention" behind the thought and deed. You set about it with a good intention in mind so therefore any karma attached to this will return the same as it first went out. If the people you tried to help can't for some reason see this there is not a lot you can do about it. Maybe that is a lesson for those people themselves to learn, to realise and see the good in others who do truly love and care for them.

The topic karma can make a good debate as many people of have lots of questions about it. Someone recently asked me about a young child's bad behaviour, in this instance firstly the child at such a young age is still learning about the right and wrongs in life. There would not be any such bad karma returning. Hopefully with good teaching and upbringing by parents will resolve any bad behaviour later on in life.

It is basically when something is done or said with a negative intention in mind. If you have deliberately upset someone and really hurt them through your actions then be prepared for the energy behind that negative intention to return to you. Remember soon as you have actually spoken the words or done a deed the karma attached to it is out on it's travels. And another thing to remember is anything you think, say or do is all recorded in you auras, the blueprint of your soul.

Karma is the effect of out past lives, our present lives and future lives. Everyone has their own karma. You do not take on anyone else's they have their own karma to work out. It is said that those who suffer in the present could be because of harmful and spiteful actions they partook in a previous lifetime.
It is the belief that whatever actions we do in this life will be carried over to the next life and any future lives. It could take many lifetimes to pay off any karmic debts we may have. Everything is of our own doing, remember others have their own karmic debts. It is no good trying to blame someone else because you are having a hard time in this life. We are responsible for our own actions.
Think about the action you are about to par-take, think what is the result reaction. Remember the Laws of Karma, Cause and Effect

Try not to think karma is just for negative things, it does have it good and positive side too.  If you have done something nice for someone often that thought is returned to you, you may suddenly have something nice happen in return.