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What is a Medium? A medium is a person with the psychic ability to communicate with discarnate souls who have passed over to the spirit realms or Heaven if you prefer to call it.
They have the ability to bridge the gap between our material world to the spirit realms.
Communication is done by the use of energy. In other words it is done by both sides if you like; spirit will communicate to us by thoughts and vibrations. A medium is able to tune into their frequency and pick up the messages.
It is a bit like a radio receiver, frequencies are used and the ariel is used to pick up that signal. A spirit will pass on their thoughts and emotions to the medium, the medium will pick up these vibrations and will try to decipher the message and will pass on the messages to the recipient (the sitter).

There are various types of Mediums

Clairvoyance - This means clear seeing, some mediums may have this ability along with other psychic abilities. A medium with this ability has the ability to see spirit. They may see spirit with their physical eyes or may see spirit in their mind.

Clairsentience - This means clear feeling. A medium with ability is able to feel or sense spirit. A spirit will impress an emotion and a clairsentience medium will actually feel that emotion. For instance a spirit may impress on the medium how they actually passed i.e. a heart condition. The medium in this instance would feel a strong pressure on their own heart area.
This type of medium may also sense smells and fragrances. If the spirit communicator was a smoker the clairsentience medium would smell the tobacco.

Clairaudience - This is the ability of clear hearing, the medium may hear the voices in their mind or they may hear the voices through actual physical hearing. Whatever way they will receive the messages and pass that message on.

Trance – This type of medium works differently from the ones I have mentioned before. In this kind of work the spirit will use the mediums body. The medium will go into a trance state and the spirit will use their body to communicate. The mediums own features may change into someone else, their own voice completely change also. In simple terms the medium for a short while becomes that spirit, messages are given then the medium returns to their normal self once again.

Many spirits love to communicate to those left here, one of the many things they wish to convey through the medium to their loved ones is that they are indeed ok.
People wishing to have communication with their loved ones now passed over can do so by visiting a medium. Many people have lots of questions for those that have departed this plain and sometimes spirit will answer some of them. Sometimes they may not due to the fact it isn’t the right time, maybe not the right time for the spirit to answer a certain question or possibly it isn’t the right time for the living relative to hear the answer. Spirit will communicate when they feel the time is right.

The Differences Between a Medium and a Psychic
What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?
A psychic will read energy; they can read energy that is emanating from the person they are talking too, they can read the energy from inanimate objects. Everything is made up of energy including ourselves.
As you know around our entire bodies is an energy field, this is known as the Aura. The aura contains all sorts of information about you. It is the blueprint to your soul.
A Psychic can tune into this energy that is around you and they will feel and sense things about the person they are working with.
Some psychics use tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, they can use anything really, they are just tools to enable them to help tune into that person whom they are working with.
The majority of psychics and mediums are empathic. They can feel the emotions and feelings of people around them, whether in person or whether they are online in a chat room.

A Medium does not use tools. They do have the ability to use them but when communicating with discarnate souls they themselves tune into the energy that they pick up from the spirit wishing to communicate.
All communication is done by thoughts and vibrations impressed to the medium by the spirit.
If a medium does start off with a psychic reading like I have mentioned above they must say they are reverting to a spirit reading. For instance if I started off giving someone a colour reading and I suddenly felt the presence of spirit I would say I now sense spirit with me, I will now turn to spirit and leave the psychic reading.

You must do this if you are able to do both. It saves a lot of confusion to the person you are working with.

All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. But saying that there is nothing to stop a psychic reader learning to become a mediumship reader also.

Everyone is born with psychic abilities, yep that means you too!!!
But it is up to the individual if they wish to keep these abilities, some keep it and nurture it and develop it. Some just acknowledge it but would rather not develop it further. Some prefer to totally ignore it.