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Pendulums are best well know for locating lost items such as personal belongings, jewellery, missing keys etc. But they are also used by a wide variety of people who use them for other reasons. Healing practioners such as Reiki Masters use pendulums when they conduct reiki practice in person on a client. It is also well know that scientists also use pendulums.

Pendulums or divining as it also called have been associated with locating natural minerals such as gold, oil and even water. Most of us know you can use dowsing rods to find such things, pendulums can also be used to do the same.
Diving is also another term used for pendulum work. If learnt properly it has great ability to give accurate information and it is often possible to predict future events.

Pendulum dowsing or divining depending on which term you prefer to use has been around a fair while. It is said pendulums have caused a fair share of controversy throughout history. There is an incident in which a gentleman demonstrated the use of his pendulum to the U.S Navy, whereby he dowsed a map and located all the U.S navy's fleet of submarines during the Cold War in the 1960's.

Uses For Pendulums
Locating - water, gold, minerals, lost objects, missing persons, underground pipes, problems within the physical body, faulty equipment.
Modern day pendulum dowsers still do the same as above but they now also use them to test things such as - Allergies, bacteria in food, pesticides and chemicals, freshness of food and water.

You can use a pendulum for many reasons such as determine compact ability between people, health of animals and plants, honesty and fairness. Some users will use their pendulums on choosing their relationships, stocks and shares and investments. Pendulums have been used by a few famous names throughout history and one being the renowned physicist Albert Einstein.
Pendulums can be made of different materials. The best length for the pendulum is six inches. As long as the bobber - or weight on the end is not too light - nor too heavy. It should weigh less than have an ounce. The best shape for the weight - or point - is something that comes to a point. You can make your pendulum or buy one. I have seen people use a needle and thread as a pendulum.

The most common types of pendulums are:
A crystal suspended on a chain or cord
A chain necklace with some kind of charm suspended at the bottom
A chain with metal pointer at the bottom - these are they types you can buy in shops, there a various types you can buy. When buying a pendulum go for the one that draws your attention.
The human body can be used, it is a pendulum that can move from side to side or backward and forwards. If you can't afford to buy a needle and thread will serve the same purpose.

Using The Pendulum
Once you have acquired your pendulum you are ready to learn how to use it. Sit yourself down nice and relaxed, let go of any stress you may be feeling. You can rest your arm on the table in front of you and let the pendulum swing freely or you can hold your arm out horizontally again letting the pendulum swing freely. Find what is comfortable to you most.

You do not have to be a psychic to use a pendulum, it will move itself either from your thoughts and energy or from someone in the spirit realms, often this will be your own Spirit Guide. The best thing is to have an open mind let any thoughts disperse you do not want to influence the pendulum.

The next thing is to determine which way means yes and which way means no. Stay relaxed and open minded. Keep the pendulum still for a moment then ask it to show you the direction of yes. At this point it should begin to move in a direction. When I do this I find left to right means yes. But you must find out for yourselves. Once it begins to show a direction for yes, ask it to stop. It should then go very still again. Now as before stay relaxed and ask it to show you the direction for no. Again it should begin to swing in a direction. With my own I find it goes backwards and forwards for no. Sometimes you will find when you ask a question it will not move at all, this could mean it can not answer or isn't allowed too. Sometimes the pendulum will go round in circles or arcs, myself I determine this as don't know due to path already on and our paths alter all the time. But like I said you must determine your own.

All questions you ask the pendulum must have a yes or no answer. You can test your pendulum in many ways for instance you can ask it are you a certain age ( an age you are not) see what answer it give you back. Another one is ask if it was a sunny day today see if it answers correctly. Whatever questions you ask please remember they must have yes or no answers to them. If the pendulum moves faster its usually a sign of strong energy, in other words a firm yes or no or unsure it needs more information to answer the question at this time. You can use your pendulum anywhere but please remember to only ask the question once. If an answer isn't pacific enough for you try another way of asking the question. You can note down your questions and answers and make a chart.
I have know people use pendulums over maps to find missing persons. Again they ask questions which have yes or no answers to them and slowly close in on an area to where they feel the missing person is.