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Positive & Negative

Developing our awareness can be very beneficial to us. As we progress we see the "Bigger Picture" to what is around us. The majority of us take everything for granted, sadly a lot of us only see the material things in life as important. Possessing material things is nice yes but some people take it to the extremes, they have to have that new car or that new gadget.

Once you begin to develop and learn about your own abilities you begin to realize that the materialistic things in life are not so important. Being over materialistic isn't healthy for us, it make us very narrow minded and can make us very negative to what is important around us.
Everyone probably knows someone who has to have everything. Ok they may be able to afford it as they have plenty of money but are they themselves truly happy? I doubt it. The over materialistic person finds themselves on that ever spinning round-about. Their new toys are great for the first few months, but as always within a few months the novelty has worn off and they begin to desire something else. Being materialistic minded is not healthy for us it is a very negative feelings as often it can lead to greed which in turn leads to jealousy and anger which is very extreme cases can even lead to death!

Once on our spiritual path we begin to realise we need to dispel the negativity that is around us. Your true self (higher self or soul) isn't bothered about the materialistic things in life. What is needed to progress is positive energy. Thinking and being positive will bring good results to you. What we have to realise is that being negative will drawn in more negativity remember likes attract. It is like math's a plus + plus = plus , minus + minus = minus. All your higher self is really interested in is positive energy and love and what is good for you. It does not care what you look like or what you wear etc.

Ego can be another very negative aspect about ourselves. The best way I can explain this is the our brains have two sides, the left and the right. The ego emotion resides in one part of the brain and it likes attention! Mr. Ego controls our self worth, it tells us we don't deserve this or that. Mr. Ego can make us feel totally miserable, we need to learn how to stop ego taking over our thoughts, we need to turn our thoughts around to being positive. Mr. Ego likes to feed on negative energy, so if we let this negative energy near us it makes us totally miserable and it will draw in more negativity that is around us.

Letting negative energy near us will make that Mr. Ego work here are some examples of how this negative energy can make you feel. Inferior, Depressed, Humiliated, Alone, Confused, Discouraged, Left Out, Lonely, Rejected, Neglected, Scared, Terrified, Suspicious, Untrusting, Cheated, the list is endless if you stop and think about it. See how each negative emotion can lead onto the next one, it becomes a circle. We need to learn to be aware when we are thinking in this manner and realise it is negative energy around us that is causing it. Break the circle, break the pattern!

Another example is you are going to a new job interview, Mr. Ego is at work in your mind now and it is telling you, you don't deserve this job, your not worthy enough etc. So you go to the interview feeling really low, you can't really be bothered, your body language speaks thousands! Now another person is going for the same interview, they are really excited, they feel happy about their appearance and they are thinking positive. Their body language is totally different to yours it is radiating positive energy as yours is radiating negative. Who do you think will get the job? When ever we meet someone we can usually suss them out within the first few minutes, first impressions!

We must think and act positive. Whatever you think about or wish for will eventually begin to start manifesting. It may take awhile but whatever thoughts we have towards issues does start to manifest. So being positive will bring positive things into our lives, think negative all the time, well sorry only more negative things will manifest. Universal Law - Like attracts Like.

Other negative thoughts and feelings are: Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Fear, Guilt, Resentment, Egotism, Materialism, Judgmental. All these negative emotions are not healthy for us if we stay in a prolonged state to any of these emotions we posses. Past issues that have occurred in our lives can also bring negative thoughts and emotions. We must learn to let go of the past. No matter how much the situation at the time hurt us we have to at some point let it go. Holding onto such emotions can eat us up inside if we let it. Resentment begins grow which in turn leads to more resentment and anger.

We can't change the past, what happened ; happened we have to accept that and learn to move on from it. Holding onto past issues is like having a spot on your body that you will not leave alone, keep picking away at it, the spot will never go it just gets bigger and bigger. Eventually that spot will become infected and sore. So will harbouring past negative thoughts and emotions will begin to infect you! You will end up making yourself ill.

Too much negative thoughts and feeling begin to effect our well being, our chakras become blocked which in turn effects the health of our auras.  Which in turn will eventually effect the health of our physical bodies.

Try and keep all your thoughts, words and deeds on a positive structure.  What you think about now or dream of actually starts to manifest. It will begin to grow on the vibration and intention to what it was put out.  So if you think and wish positively these thoughts which are seeds do indeed begin to grow and they will grow with positive energy.

Like attracts like this is universal law.  So what you put out positively will come back to you positively.  Put out negatively then I'm afraid that will come back negatively or not manifest at all.