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What is a psychic? A psychic is a person who is able to read the energy around a person or objects. Many psychics are also empathic, this means they can also sense and feel another persons emotions. As I have mentioned earlier within this site everyone is born with these abilities. It just depends on a few issues whether they wish to continue with them and develop them or would rather dismiss and forget them altogether. Upbringing can also play a big part is this, what their parents faiths and beliefs are. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions we all have free will to pick and choose what we wish to learn.

There is a difference between psychics and mediums. As I mentioned a psychic will read the energy around an objects or people, they will tune into a person energy field that surrounds the body, this is known as the aura. Remember the aura contains every bit of information about ourselves, every thought, word or deed it is the blueprint of our souls. A medium is also psychic they too can do this but when a medium works in their own particular field they are tuning into the thoughts and vibrations of discarnate souls. As the saying goes " All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums".

As I mentioned we are all born with this psychic ability or sixth sense, a lot of you still have it. Ever had that "gut feeling" something isn't right? Another example is you are at a party everything is feeling great then somebody new walks into the room and the atmosphere suddenly drops? All nodding yes at this point I would imagine :). When you sense this you are sensing that new persons emotions and energy. Another example is your phone rings and a name pops into your mind before you pick up the phone, and suddenly that very same person is on the other end of the phone! Or you have been thinking about someone lately and out of the blue they reappear in your life. All seems kind of odd but if fact you are receiving information psychically either by a persons thoughts or your spirit guide. Remember everything is energy, thoughts are energy and energy can travel miles and miles, no walls or barriers can prevent energy.

Some psychics work differently to others, some use tools such as tarot cards. Some can just automatically tune into the person they are working with and pick up their emotions and desires. One of the basic things you do have to learn though is to quieten your mind. Meditation is good for this, learning how to quieten the mind. If you mind is full of other thoughts or there is a lot of distractions around you like a TV or radio you will find it hard to sit and focus on what you are trying to do.

If you wish to learn and develop more about psychic awareness there are tons of development web sites. Many offer free development classes. Some are great have a look around you will know what is right for you. There are also various spiritual workshops around the country that also offer these development courses. I would also suggest reading up any books on the subject there are thousands out there, some by some very well known people. All of them are offering you the chance to help develop yourselves and find your true selves.

Why not pop along to our free chat room where free development classes will be taking place amongst many other interesting spiritual topics.

There are various ways to tune into someone, everyone does things differently, it does not mean anyone is better than anyone else they just do things their own way. Next I will explain how I have encouraged people to read other psychically online. You may try these yourself, have a go you may surprise yourself. You can try these online with your friends or in person, its is best though to work with someone you do not know so much about. You want to be receiving the information fresh. It is not a good idea to read someone you know so much about. The information needs to come in fresh and not something you already know about. The reason for this is you will have doubts about yourself and your ability you will end up thinking did I actually get that information or is it because I already knew that about them so thought it.

To do these psychic exercises you will need a piece of paper and a pen to jot anything down you may receive. You can use any tool to focus in on something, it is just a tool to help you tune in.

Colour Readings
Firstly sit nice and relaxed, try and clear your mind of any thoughts. Turn off any distractions like the TV or radio. Have your pen and piece of paper handy on your lap or table. Now with the person you are working with just sit quietly and look at them. Or if you are online in a spiritual chat room you can choose a name for the list of names in the room. Whatever way you are doing this will work. All that is needed by you is a little patience and trust :).
Ok as you sit with your subject pay attention to your thoughts and the area within your mind that is just above the eyebrows, this is your 3rd eye. As you focus on your subject just take note what colour you think is appearing in your mind with this person. Go with what you sense and feel about this person, you are tuning into their energy field. You may feel their emotions, their desires etc. Is the colour appearing red for instance? What is this red telling you. Listen to your thoughts, first thoughts are usually correct. Do not doubt what you sense and feel about this person. Write down what information you have. When you have finished tell the person what you got, see if they can verify any of it. The more you practice doing this the easier it gets every time. Get your friends to read you the same why you did for them.

But as always with any kind of reading please ask for permission from your sitter and please respect them and try not to get to personal, respect them how you would like to be respected yourselves. Please make sure you read and understand the readers guidelines as they should be put into practice at all times not just in a spiritual chat room.

Flower Readings
This is very similar to the above. Instead of visualising a colour with your subject you will use a flower. As before sit nice and relaxed with a paper and pen handy. As you sit quiet with your subject see what flower pops into your mind.
Now as you focus on that person see if a particular flower comes to mind. For instance you may see a rose or a daisy, it could be any sort of flower, it may even be a weed . You may even get a tree! Or a stinging nettles and brambles .
Put your senses out and focus on the flower, is it straight, or bent over, are the petals bright or dull. What colour is the flower? Does the flower look as though it is wilting from lack of care or water? Is it a vibrant strong flower?
Focus on the flower what is it telling you? Does the flower itself have an aura? All living things have aura’s so you may see the flowers aura also.
Are they any nicks or cuts in the flowers stem? Does the flower match the colour you got with this person, does it blend in?
Take note of what you see or feel with this person and the images that you get. Remember first thoughts are usually right, don’t doubt what you see or sense. Write all the information down you are receiving.

Reading With Objects
This exercise is also very similar to those above but this time you will find an object to hold. Remember it is just a tool to help you focus. If you are working in person with someone you could use something of theirs. If you are doing this online just find any object to hold and use. There is nothing you can not use to read with, well apart from the kitchen sink you might find that a bit heavy to hold lol. You can use screwed up paper, tissue paper, pens, paper clips, wool, string, ribbons, matchsticks, absolutely almost anything.
As you hold your object focus in on your chosen subject, put your senses out to what the object is telling you. Look at the shape of the object, feel the object, if your using wool or string is it knotted and tangled, is this telling you your sitter feels a bit lost and unsure of what to do or where to go? Remember go with first thoughts they are usually correct. Do Not Doubt...all that is needed is a bit of patience and trust. Enjoy what your are doing.
Once you get the hang of reading psychically with objects you can progress to reading with three objects. With these each object can represent the past, present and future.
Final note please remember it is very hard to predict future events and peoples circumstances and paths are always changing. The reading can only be as accurate as the time it was given. People change, paths change constantly nothing is set in stone.