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Reiki Healing Energy


Usui Reiki was developed back in Japan in the early 20th Century by Dr. Mikao Usui. He discovered it immensely helps the physical and psychological well being of his patients. Usui Reiki has become a very popular form of complementary and alternative medicine. It is well recognised in hospitals worldwide.

It is pronounced Ray-Key, Reiki healing helps a persons body and energy field begin to repair itself. It works on the physical level and mental and emotional levels.  This energy will travel to where it is needed.  A certified and qualified reiki practioner is able to do this.

Reiki can be given by hands on or distantly, patients remain fully clothed throughout treatment which can last to over an hour, once administered the healing energy will continue to work for a good 24 hours.

All reiki practioners have to be attuned, this is always done by a Reiki Master.

An attunment takes place with the recipient sitting in a chair and the reiki master sends certain reiki symbols and colours to the recipients chakra's.  Attunments open up and re enlign the chakras.  Once this is done the recipient being attuned is now attuned to reiki and then in turn can pass on reiki healing.

There are three levels of reiki.  Level One and Level Two and Master Level

There is always a good gap of time between attunments, this is so the new reiki practioner can allow their own bodies to adjust.  During an attument various things can happen, you may see colours, symbols or feel differently. During mine I felt a very strong presence of spirit energy all around me. I also saw colours and symbols coming towards me.  I felt great afterwards I found it really helped awaken my own psychic and mediumystic abilities to a higher level.

Some people though make feel differently after an attunemnt, everyone of us is different.  Some people may feel kind of high or spaced out, they may even begin to feel emotional.  This is because emotions that have laid dormant for so long may resurface, at this time it would be good to try and heal these if they occur.  These side effects are rare, most attunments work very well and drinking plenty of water helps afterwards.

For those wishing to study and practice Usui Reiki you must first be attuned by a Reiki Master. The attunements take a few weeks to complete depending on how the Reiki Master practices. There are three levels of attunement with a break in between each level of learning. The courses are well worth it.

For more information about Usui Reiki and attuments visit The owner and Reiki Master of this site attuned myself. She is a great Usui Reiki Master and her courses are well orgastrated and easy to understand as she has the natural ability to teach

There are many healing related sites on the internet, all well informative web sites.

For those who wish to request healing you may leave a message on the Open Awareness Forum Boards or you may email me.

Please just leave the Christian name and country of residence of whom needs the healing. If you wish you can mention what area needs healing but it isn't necessary needed as the healing energy will automatically find it's own way to the patient and to the area where it is needed.

Remember all our prayers and requests are heard and answered, we are never alone