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Spirit Guides

Everyone has a Spirit Guide; before you decided to reincarnate you choose who you wanted to be as yours. Throughout our life we can have many guides; but you have a main guide who has been with you since you were born. In essence you already know your spirit guide very well from being in the realms with them or on another previous lifetime.
Spirit Guides are slightly different to Guardian Angels, yes they too do exhist but are again on a much higher level and vibration than Spirit Guides

Your spirit guide truly loves you; they do not judge you in any way. They have your best interests at heart and will do what they can to assist us on present lifetime. These special spirits are your friends for life and longer!
So what are Spirit Guides? As their title tells you; they are spirits but have evolved highly to become guides. They are around to guide you; they can’t live your life for you; you have to do that, nor can they give you all the answers but they will try their best to guide you. Ever have a sudden inspirational idea? Then wonder what made you think of the idea in the first place especially as the idea actually works. You guide impressed that idea to you via thoughts.

Some people have asked me "Isn’t one my relatives my guide then"? Well the best way I can answer this is that although your relatives are around to give support they aren’t true spirit guides. As lovely as our departed relatives are they would not be evolved enough to take on the role of a true spirit guide. Most spirit guides are highly evolved souls who themselves have experienced many incarnations. From what information I have received through my own guide. Those wishing to become spirit guides do have training. It is not something that is rushed into.

Some Spirit Guides have had earthly lives at some time; some haven’t. Some guides like to keep their appearance of their last incarnation as they feel happier that way. Those that have had earth lives have long evolved and have learnt all there is to be learnt on their own journeys so they no longer need to reincarnate again. Again it is down to free will, some choose to become guides some do not. Some though highly evolved may yet again wish to reincarnate.

As I said some guides like to keep the appearance that they had on their last incarnation, these include Native American Indians, Monks from various cultures, Nuns, Scientists, Doctors, the list is endless. These types of guides once had earthly lives but are now far more evolved so have become guides. Other types of guides haven’t had an earthly existence, they are already highly evolved some of these types are so high that all you see is light, or hear a voice or sense a vibration. These types of guides are pure energy. Some guides are so highly evolved they are pure energy and light, they take no shape or form at all.

Whatever kind of guides you have know he or she is highly evolved and is present with you to serve your best interests. They will communicate to you and assist you if you so wish it. Of course it is entirely up to you whether you follow what your guide impresses upon you. You have Free Will.
As I have mentioned we have one main Spirit Guide but we also can have other guides with us as well. We will have many guides during our lifetime; they come and go as we progress along our spiritual path. Some while stay for awhile; others may only stay a short time like for instance just one day, depending on what attribute we are learning. There are guides for all skills, writing, art, healing, for most things. Quite often this guide was a master at this skill when he or she was once incarnate. For instance if you may be learning about healing you will probably have a guide that was once involved with healing like a doctor or practitioner. If you are skilled in artwork your guide also was once an artist. Learning to tap into the skill of communicating with your guide is beneficial to all.

My own Guide is called Shiya; he is a Native American Indian; a son of a chief. I have also seen the chief about too and there is a strong bonding between myself and Shiya. In fact I have a few guides around me at the moment but Shiya is my main one. Shiya is from the Navaho tribe. He is the reason why I am deeply drawn to anything Native American. I once asked to be shown something from my own past life; I was a little Native American Indian girl. I was shown myself running down a grassy slope towards some sheep near a river. I later asked for a tribal name and got Navaho!! So it seems there is a strong link and bonding with me and my guide; it is quite possible we shared a past life together at some point.
When I asked to be shown this I did insist they show me nothing grisly! Once I heard that tribal name I was quite shocked as I was expecting something like Apache or Sioux. I had to actually look up the Navaho name on the internet as quite honestly I had never heard of it. Imagine my surprise when in fact I actually found out yes they did exist and still do in some parts of America. I also asked for a date I was informed around the 1600’s!

Upon reading up information about the Navaho tribe it seems Navaho children especially girls attended and healed sick animals; they also made blankets. Myself I also do healing with animals and people and I am also interested and love doing sewing or needlework when I have the time. So you see in one of my past lives I did sewing and healing with animals and I have carried that over to this lifetime. I mentioned before "everything in circles"!

Over the recent months I have quite a few different guides appear to me, Merlin for one is very much around me even though he is not Native American but he is an Ascended Master.  Shiya is also still present as I can in fact see him as I sit and type this text out. Of late too I have seen many Angels around, these have brought me strenght and also guidance. All these wonderful forces will all work together to do what is best for me as I carry along my lifes path. Remember they know what is written for me so in essence they have "my script" and are very much on hand when needs be. Spirit Guides know exactly what is going to happen whether good or bad and they will always be around us to guide and assist us and help us find a way through certain issues that arise during our present lifetime.

In fact as I write this I can hear various sentences being said to me which I have just included in the previous paragraph. If your wondering which guide is assisting me on this page it seems to be both Shiya and Merlin. Shiya is peering over my shoulder and Merlin seems to be sat on a rock smoking his pipe contemplating :)