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Meet The Staff



 Webby - Owner

I have been aware of spirit from a very young age, I have always heard the voice of my guide.

Throughout my life so far I have had many experiences, during my teenage years I did find it hard to comprehend what I was actually seeing and hearing and at times it did scare me as I had no-one to turn to who could explain anything to me, I thought I was going nuts!!

As I have grown older I now understand more than I did all those years ago.  And my aim in life is to help others who are on or beginning their spiritual paths.  The path has been rocky I can't deny that as we are always learning, but with help from my own guides I have around me I hope to be able to pass on what knowledge I have learnt to others.

The purpose of this site with help from lovely friends is to prove that the soul and personality of a passed one does indeed carry on. "The True Bond Of Love Never Dies"



 S*Earthy - UK Manager

II first got drawn to spirituality from my beloved grandparents, My uncle and Aunt are members of there local spiritual church in the town where I was born erm many moons ago.
I have been very lucky to meet people in my life who have taught me and gave me the encouragement I have needed.
In my mind I am still in my learning stages and will go on learning all my life. Spirit to me have given me lot of love and support when I have needed it most, its unconditional love they give you that is the most warmest feeling.
I have enjoyed learning and reading my angel cards they are such a gentle way of doing a reading.
I would like to thank Webbs and Danu for the lessons and being my mentors,






H*Willow - Healing Manager

Hi my name is Willow and I have been a Spiritualist for 25 yrs now. I work as a Medium and Healer. I'm married with 3 sons and a multitude of animals!

I started out in life as a natural medium who saw and heard spirit all around. My grandma was psychic too and my 2nd husband ( who is now in spirit) was a Healer.

I worked in my local Spiritualist church for many years, on and off the platform and I started my healing path under the watchful eye of the Spirit Healers after each service.

My guide, Gretchen, who is a young Dutch lady, and my Healing Guide, Four Winds, a Native American Indian, help me these days give loving guidance and healing to all who are in need that cross our path, and with the teachings that they give, via my Home Circle and the classes on line, the private and group readings that we offer, the rescue work and the workshops, they make sure I am never idle lol

My life is truly full of light and love and I am so glad that spirit and my angels chose me for a rep! God Bless all xxxxxxxxxxx




Profile to be added, she's shy!!!










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