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Tarot Cards

What is tarot?
Tarot cards are pictorial representations of events and energies that we are likely to encounter in life, such as determination, patience, new beginnings, leaving things behind, joy, togetherness, heartache, reflection and decision-making.
Tarot decks normally contain 78 cards, 22 of which are referred to as the Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our path through life. The remaining 56 cards, known as the Minor Arcana, expand on these themes. Like a pack of playing cards, the Minor Arcana are made up of four suits - numbered 1 to 10, Page, Knight, Queen, King. Some decks use different names for these suits, and others substitute Prince and Princess for Page and Knight, but most of the qualities represented by the cards are similar.

Wands (Air) - Ideas, communication, thoughts, enlightenment, concepts
Swords (Fire) - Power, motivation, action, force, conflict
Cups (Water) - Emotions, feeling, compassion, language of Spirit
pentacles (Earth) - Manifestation, physical expression in the world, physical creation

The first commercial deck - the Rider Waite deck - on which many modern decks are based, was produced in 1910 by A. E. Waite. The tarot has continued to grow in popularity, and modern printing methods ensure that it is becoming available to anyone who wishes to explore its uses. This is not to say that everyone understands the tarot - only study and personal growth can help to reveal its many mysteries.

How do I choose a deck?
There are many tarot decks available. The Rider Waite deck is widely used, as many people feel that the energy of each card is portrayed very clearly. The Tarot of the Old Path is popular amongst those who are drawn to white witchcraft and nature-based religions, and the Cosmic Tarot is useful for those who prefer a deck with fewer symbols.

Over time, we can all develop sensitivity to the energies symbolised by the tarot, but it helps to choose a good deck, whose creator was clear enough in himself /herself to illustrate the cards energies accurately. What may seem the clearest deck to others may not appeal to you so, when selecting a deck, use your intuition and choose one with which you feel an affinity.

How do I find the answers to my questions?
It is perfectly acceptable to ask a specific question before a reading. Sit quietly for a moment while connecting to a higher purpose, then ask, for example, 'Should I take the job that I have been offered?' The tarot can clarify the subject, allowing you to make a decision based on an understanding of the related issues, but it does not contain a Yes or No card. If all you want is a yes or a no, then it may be better to scrunch up two pieces of paper in a hat and pick an answer - but would you act on that advice, without being able to see any reasoning behind it? The tarot is about making informed choices and not about definite answers. It's about using the insight you gain from the cards to make up your own mind.

The Major Arcana ~

There are twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana deck. These cards reflect major turning points throughout life and they equate to states which affect us all at some time in our life. The Major Arcana cards are very significant and take precedence in spreads as they reflect challenges experienced in life.

The Major Arcana cards are separated into three realms, divided by seven cards to each realm with only one card The Fool left out of the segregation. The realms are known as; The realms of the material world, The realm of the intuitive mind and the Realm of changing issues.
The Material World is the first group and deals with material effects, physical life, choices which affect it and education. The subsequent seven cards are the intuitive mind and covers areas in our life such as faith, love, free will and spirituality. The third realm, changing issues is concerned with a combination of the first two. This realm holds the most important and signifcant cards out of the entire deck. This set of seven cards have the challenge of altering our path in life.
Each of the Major Arcana cards show a symbolic picture illustrating the name of the card. The cards represent the physical and spiritual side to life and they can refer to actual events or planetary influences. In some cases the meanings can relate back to a story of a myth or legend. The Major Arcana relate to reasons behind events, the more spiritual side to life's up and downs.

Astrology plays a part in the Major Arcana deck. The signs of the zodiac and planets of the solar system are all reflected within the cards of the Major Arcana just as the Minor Arcana equate to the four elements of life; earth, air, fire and water.


The Fool is the unnumbered card in the pack, The Fool adopted the role of The Joker in traditional playing cards. As it does not fit into any of the three segments that separate the remaining 21 Major cards The Fool can be placed at either side of the deck as done with aces. In ancient times The Fool or Court Jester was afforded a lot of trust from the Court and this is the case with The Fool, do not be misled by his jovial carefree outward appearance,the fool is ruled by the planet uranus.

When The Fool is in a spread it denotes a period of new beginnings. Expect the unexpected as you never know what the Fool will do next, it is the card of spontaneity and impulsiveness. Things are in the process of change and you must accept what is occurring and try to look at old obstacles in a new and fresh way. The Fool enables us to tackle problems with enthusiasm and vigour that we may not have done in hindsight. This card is positive but it is not without its risks, in order to achieve goals you need to adopt the Fool's foolhardy ways of approaching life.

The negative aspects to the Fool card depicts a person that does not think before they leap, this ultimately leads them into wrong decisions and mistakes. The Fool's immaturity can stop them from accepting responsibility for their mistakes. Key Words:
Foolish, enthusiastic, spontaneous, unpredictable, risk taker, eagerness.
Key Phrases:
Break the routine, talk to new people, explore new ideas, do your own thing.
Negative Elements:
Naive, irresponsible, lacking in focus, reckless, erratic, unrealistic.

I - The Magician: The Alchemist
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mercury
Numerology Number: Number 1~

The Magician is a character that can be on hand to guide the questioner and urging people to be original and draw upon their own hidden skills and powers. It is also teaching the craft of communication, how to express ideas and develop abilities.

The Magician is not entirely to be trusted and just as a magician performs magic before your very eyes, as does he. They may be a person that is full of ideas and plans which they express passionately and articulately, but it must be kept in mind that they posses the power of illusion and all is not as it seems.

The Magician's negative elements tell of a person that lacks ambition and drive, they will hamper any progress. They appear very sure and self-contained but under the surface they are deeply insecure and spend their life acting out a role. Key Words:
Performance, dexterity, capable, originality, deception, imagination.
Key Phrases:
Good communication is key, demonstrate abilities and skills, value what you have learnt.
Negative Elements:
Cunning, acting, pretending, sceptical, sly, argumentative, volatile.

II - The High Priestess: The Goddess Within
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: The Moon
Numerology Number: Number 2

The High Priestess is the Goddess within, she represents intuition and shows us that we can overcome our own fears and self-doubts and in order to do this we must trust in our intuition and feelings. The High Priestess embodies purity, wisdom and inherent knowledge. It is telling us that there are forces at work that cannot always be rationally explained and they are expressed through dynamic premonitions and indefinable sensations. Sometimes we must let go of logic and truly learn to embrace The High Priestess we have hiding inside us all.

The Negative elements of this card can be linked to turbulent emotions or us not keeping a handle on our mood swings. There is a warning against ignorance and of someone deliberately trying to deceive us.

Key Words:
Instinct, emotion, intuition, reflection, observation, telepathy.
Key Phrases:
Purify your emotions, look into your psychic ability, and find out about alternative healing properties.
Negative Elements:
Cold, superstitious, fantasy, passivity, manipulation.

III - The Empress: Goddess of Love
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Venus & Taurus
Numerology Number: Number 3

The Empress represents female accomplishment and achievement. She embodies love, beauty and fertility. She has a strong tie with domestic unity and heralds a happy home life. The Empress is urging people to love one another unconditionally, by doing this you will have made a success with your life. Without a solid loving foundation you cannot prosper.

Negative elements of the Empress are that she can be overbearing and a little too protective. She has a vain side to her, and she relies quite heavily on her appearance to sway people to her way of thinking. When the Empress is present in a spread it can indicate disharmony in the family home or problems with a disruptive child.

Key Words:
Unity, balance, materialism, kindness, affection, family, patient, dedicated.
Key Phrases:
Invest love in everything and everybody, cultivate creativity, flourish and prosper.
Negative Elements:
Dependency, over protective, hypersensitive, easily offended, vanity.

IV - The Emperor: The Warrior
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mars & Aries
Numerology Number: 4

The Emperor represents worldly power and ambition. He is masculine, a natural leader and blessed with logic and power over others. The Emperor is a responsible individual that makes it his mission to look after others, he is a dedicated family man. The Emperor leads with his head not his heart and urges others to disallow emotion and passion to lead us astray. Intelligence and reason must be deciding factors in decision making.

The Negative side to the Emperor are that he can be perceived as overly serious, autocratic, domineering and a harsh judge of others. In a reading the Emperor can suggest that there is much disorganisation surrounding the querent and they may be experiencing a conflict with an authority figure or establishment.

Key Words:
Hero, power, competition, bravery, strength, assertive, leader, purposeful.
Key Phrases:
Be industrious, be brave, confront problems, stick to your goals.
Negative Elements:
Intolerant, harsh, impatient, domineering, ruthless, rigidity.

V - The Heirophant: The Teacher
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Jupiter & Pisces
Numerology Number: 5

The Heirophant is the male counterpart to the High Priestess, he is a man of religion and represents professional advice, teaching and learning. The word Hierophant translated from Greek means 'one who explains sacred things', this ties in with the Tarot's interpretation a person that we look to in search of answers to questions of a spiritual or metaphysical nature.

The Heirophant is a generous teacher and a good person to confide in. Drawing this card warns against the use of anything illegal or immoral as these go against all that is sacred to him. We can turn to he in times of trouble and he will not turn us away or pass judgement. We can be safe in the knowledge that whatever we disclose will be treated in the strictness confidence and utmost discretion.

Key Words:
Philosophical, revelation, respect, fraternity, ethics, tradition, helper.
Key Phrases:
Explore new beliefs, be a good listener, teach wisdom and love.
Negative Elements:
Dogmatic, conformist, preachy, theoretical, inflexible.

VI - The Lovers: Adam and Eve
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mercury & Gemini
Numerology Number: 6

The Lovers bring up one of the key areas of interest in people when they consult the Tarot. Love and matters of the heart, intimate relationships are an enigma to us all and The Lovers are construing a message that love is on the horizon and you must make the right choices in order to harness it. The Lovers sometimes tell of an important decision or sacrifice that needs to be made in order for a relationship to flourish or continue and now is the time to put priorities in order.

The negative side to The Lovers are infidelity, separation or being stuck in a bad relationship. Sometimes love truly is blind and this is not always a good thing, you need to keep your senses alert in order to know when something does more harm than good.

Key Words:
Intense love, companionship, faithfulness, friendship, togetherness, intimacy.
Key Phrases:
Be willing to give and receive love, love yourself before you can love another.
Negative Elements:
Promiscuity, infatuation, manipulation, secret lover, obsessive, flings.

VII - The Chariot: The Wild Horse
Major Arcana Realm: Material World
Planet / Astrological Sign: Moon & Cancer
Numerology Number: 7

The Chariot heralds a journey that will end in triumph, victory, success and achievement. It is emphasising the notion of mastery over matter, whatever is thrown out at you can overcome it through hard work and dedication. However many obstacles you are facing you know deep down that you are doing the right thing.

At times The Chariot is warning about the need for balance between work and pleasure, we must keep an even keel in order to do well. The reverse meaning of The Chariot is telling us to watch out for aggression from others, keep a check on emotions and listen to inner wisdom, it is important to know when it is time to release pressure and avoid pushing things over the limit.

Key Words:
Intent, confrontation, purposeful, tenacity, explorer, driven.
Key Phrases:
Keep your goals in your mind, create boundaries, complete tasks, anticipate problems.
Negative Elements:
Moody, over-protective, closed, cruelty, distracted, emotionally inept.

VIII - Strength: Beauty and the Beast
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Leo
Numerology Number: 8

Strength signifies the need for courage, determination, energy, confidence and a sense of purpose. These are the attributes needed if we want to succeed. It encourages us to put our plans into action and have the strength to tackle obstacles along the way. This card sums up moral strength, self- discipline and courage.

The Negative side to the Strength card can indicate feelings of inadequacy, the questioner is warned against illness or overtiredness. This can also translate into a lack of spiritual faith and mental weakness.

Key Words:
Courage, loyalty, vigilance, pride, warmth, mercy, generosity, indulgence.
Key Phrases:
Put your knowledge into action, test your will, use your head and heart in unison.
Negative Elements:
Aggression, lazy, brutality, vanity, impulsive, lusty, out of control.

IX - The Hermit: The Seeker
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mars & Virgo
Numerology Number: 9

The Hermit is emphasising the need for a period of solitude, during which time we can look back on our past and reflect upon our success and failures. Any kind of learning be it spiritual or academic is greatly encouraged by The Hermit.
This card is associated with a spiritual quest or inner search, if someone is looking for long awaited answers the appearance of The Hermit tells us that the answers we seek will be forthcoming. In order to gain this insight a period of self -sacrifice may be needed, be prudent and patient and your spirit will grow.

The negative elements surrounding The Hermit warns against hasty, rash decisions, or we may be finding it difficult to take advice from others due to pride getting in the way.

Key Words:
Meditation, retreat, modesty, assessment, humble, thinker, spirituality.
Key Phrases:
Look for the good in others, look before you leap, look inside yourself, spend time alone.
Negative Elements:
Unsociable, alienation, isolation, worry, introverted, rejection.

X - Wheel of Fortune: Lady Luck
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Jupiter & Virgo
Numerology Number: 10

The Wheel of Fortune card is a representation of the role fate plays in life. It is a card that shows life as a cycle that is constantly moving and ever changing. The card is telling of new areas appearing in life good or bad and old things ending. There is nothing we as individuals can do to affect these changes we are merely awaiting to see what fate is put on offer.

There are close associations with money and this card, this is tied in with an element of chance hence the similarity to a roulette wheel. The Wheel turns just as life turns and now is time for change. If you have been down on your luck expect some good fortune to come your way or vice versa.

Negative aspects of the card are life appearing at a stand still or a feeling of stagnation resulting in a fear of failure.

Key Words:
Cycles, abundance, test of faith, believer, opportunity.
Key Phrases:
Count your blessings, appreciate good fortune of others, take life one step at a time.
Negative Elements:
Setbacks, ups & downs, overly optimistic, encountering problems.

XI - Justice: The Law of Exchange
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Saturn & Libra
Numerology Number: 11

Justice will be served, whatever the outcome of a particular struggle the correct karmic conclusion will be achieved, whether this is a favourable result it must be accepted as the best eventuality for all parties.

This card represents balance and equilibrium. It may be related to legality or be pushing the need for balance and fairness in our personal affairs.
Negatively speaking Justice warns against bigotry, unfairness, false accusations, bias and imbalance.

Key Words:
Morals, ethics, readjustment, law, trial, penalty, prosecution, guilt.
Key Phrases:
Listen to all points of view, be objective, seek balance, don't accuse without knowing the full facts.
Negative Elements:
Unfairness, blind justice, indecision, chaos, imprisonment

XII - The Hanged Man: The Submissive
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Neptune
Numerology Number: 12

The Hanged Man is conveying the need to adapt to change, nothing can be done to alter current situations however it is imperative to adapt and implement changes in order to attain the fulfilment we so long for.

It is very important not to be caught up in feelings or fear or anxiety, these will inevitably create feelings of emotional confinement and stop us moving forward. A sacrifice may be on the horizon and it is mandatory in order to move out of this limbo state we may be trapped in.
The reverse interpretation of The Hanged Man is that we may be looking for a easy way out or escape and have preoccupied with our-self. Lack of motivation and effort will stop us from moving forward and prolong any agony we may be enduring.

Key Words:
Obedient, suspension, waiting, transcendence, sacrifice, nebulous.
Key Phrases:
Don't be swayed by popular opinion, don't do what is bad for you, don't fall into the role of martyr.
Negative Elements:
Resignation, elusive, impressionable, malleable, frozen.

XIII - Death: Rebirth
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Pluto & Scorpio
Numerology Number: 13

The summation of Death is basically, sweep out the old to make room for the new. People often get frightened when Death pops up in a spread because they fear a physical death but in actual fact Death is linked to rebirth it is using the word death to emphasise the message that you must let go of the past in order to embrace the future.

The reverse interpretation of Death sends a message of immobility, boredom, depression and loss. It can depict a person that is refusing to move on, and let change occur, this attitude can lead to depression or ill health.

Key Words:
Resurrection, sensation, orgasm, pleasure & pain, fantasy, enigmatic.
Key Phrases:
Don't be afraid of change, cut your losses, start afresh.
Negative Elements:
Jealousy, irritability, devious, obsession, selfish, vindictive.

XIV - Temperance: The Perfect Blend
Major Arcana Realm: Intuitive Mind
Planet / Astrological Sign: Jupiter & Sagittarius
Numerology Number: 14

Temperance suggests moderation and a blend of opposites, if this balance can be attained you will experience a harmonious existence.

The need for individuals to exercise temperance is crucial, self-control must be exerted and there is a need to test the water before diving in. It is also important to be patient as restlessness is merely wasting energy.
The negative side to Temperance can be showing an air of hostility around, this is due to inactivity and impatience.

Key Words:
Enlightenment, alignment, brilliance, enhancement, straightforward.
Key Phrases:
Cultivate your spirituality, accept support, look to the past to understand the present.
Negative Elements:
Sensitive, delicate, denial, timid, nostalgic.

XV - The Devil: The Joker
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mars & Capricorn
Numerology Number: 15

The Devil is quite an intimidating card, it is suggesting enslavement and self-punishment. It is giving a warning not to allow someone to make you his or her puppet. We need to break away from the hold they have on us.

It warns of the dangers of living too excessively, there are strong warnings against weakness and dependence on things that are bad for us, the key negative interpretations of this card are obsession, compulsion, and addiction.
On the reverse interpretation The Devil displays a message of new-found passion and energy. Enthusiasm is abundant and you may have reawakened your innermost passions.

Key Words:
Discipline, hard working, acceptance, responsibility, calculated.
Key Phrases:
Acknowledge your freedom of choice, learn to love yourself and others, cultivate your feeling of self-worth.
Negative Elements:
Greed, envy, self-punishment, addiction, selfishness, inflexible, stubborn.

XVI - The Tower: The Destroyer
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Mars
Numerology Number: 16

The Tower shows a picture of a building that is on fire and crumbling to the ground. Although this picture looks very alarming, is basically telling us that change is on the way, it is inevitable and may cause a period of pain and suffering but once the tower has fallen to the ground it can be rebuilt.
The Tower is showing disruption and setbacks are on the horizon but the message is not all doom and gloom because once the initial trauma is over it heralds a new era that will throw out brand new opportunities.

Negative aspects to The Tower are feelings of oppression and unhappiness, we are warned to be on the lookout for deceit from us as well as ourselves.

Key Words:
Sudden, rebuild, striking, warning, agitation, accident, danger.
Key Phrases:
Be prepared for problems, don't suppress anger, change your ways.
Negative Elements:
Turmoil, destructive, tempestuous, ruin, violence, collapse.

XVII - The Star: The Water Bearer
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Venus & Aquarius
Numerology Number: 17

The Star is the card of hope and dreams, it directs us to an easier path in life and encourages that dreams can come true, it heralds times ahead of good fortune and better situations and a period of security and relaxation.
Now is the time to throw off self-doubt and insecurities, have faith and trust in your own inner wisdom, the Star will spiritually guide us through hard times to a time of spiritual serenity and calm.

The negative aspects to The Star can warn against friendships that are taking their toll, and of a period of bad luck, poor judgements being made due to lack of thought. It can also tell of an anti-climax when a long time goal or dream is realised.

Key Words:
Innovation, humanitarian, dreams, unity, invention, community.
Key Phrases:
Learn about the earth/nature, be receptive, restore peace and love to your life.
Negative Elements:
Impersonal, wastage, disconnection, prejudice, suppression.

XVIII - The Moon: The Realm of the Subconscious
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Moon & Pisces
Numerology Number: 18

The Moon is the card of reflection and intuition. As we are becoming more aware of our hidden depths they may be a feeling of uncertainty about someone. The Moon warns us to take a good look beneath the surface as somebody or something are not as they appear outwardly. The may be lies and dishonesty flying around, be sure to be cautious and questioning.
The reverse meaning to The Moon is much the same it is warning against deception and telling the questioner to look into ant small print, do not leave any question unasked as you could regret it later on. Try to learn to rely on our own judgement and be less insecure about our decisions.

Key Words:
Sensitivity, nurturing, rehabilitation, sacrifice, emanations, motherly.
Key Phrases:
Listen to your inner voice, recognise and deal with your own emotions, keep your feet on the ground.
Negative Elements:
Weak willed, immature, touchy, unstable, vague, conflict, duality.

XIX - The Sun: The Godhead
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: The Sun & Aries
Numerology Number: 19

The Sun is an extremely positive card that indicates growth and potential in all areas of life. It shows progression will occur within work, relationships and spiritually. It may indicate an imminent pregnancy or birth.

The Sun is the life force of the earth and without nothing can grow, this card is a comfort if the questioner has had a prolonged period of bad luck or ill health as its appearance offers such positivity and comfort. It is conveying the message of love, warmth, progression, creativity, happiness and life.
The negative aspects of The Sun are concerned with arrogance and materialism, we are told to evaluate what is important in our lives. Our careers are important but at what price, we must be careful that our ambitions do not take over our lives.

Key Words:
Celebration, happiness, luminous, creative, beauty, penetration, life.
Key Phrases:
Learn to take the goodness from life in small doses, use energy positively, grow and develop throughout your life.
Negative Elements:
Blindness, over-doing, wasting energy, life drying out.

XX - Judgement: The Last Exit
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Pluto
Numerology Number: 20

This card indicates a period of rebirth, a change will present and it will alter things in a positive life enhancing way. A new lease of life will enter our spirit and we will feel that no mountain is too big to climb.

The Judgement card is heavily concerned with spirituality and the awakening of a higher consciousness inside, it is telling us to try to develop these areas of our life in order to be spiritually fulfilled.
The reverse interpretation to Judgement is that we must card against poor judgement, it is important that we face up to failures in order to learn from them, if things are not going right for you then move on and don't hang around and wait for things to happen. Take time to evaluate what steps you are going to take and proceed cautiously.

Key Words:
Self-discovery, awakening, transformation, turning point, resurrection, reform.
Key Phrases:
Don't judge people, try to be more adaptable, rather than struggling along change your attitudes.
Negative Elements:
Obsession, frantic, manipulation, elimination, exerting too much pressure.

XXI - The World: The Universe
Major Arcana Realm: Changing Issues
Planet / Astrological Sign: Saturn & Libra
Numerology Number: 21

The World is the most auspicious card in the whole deck. It indicates success in all areas of life, it offers a message of success and contentment.

The World is summing up all the cards before it, thus completing the circle of life, it showing that life is a ever changing journey with many ups and downs and we must keep moving and learning throughout life in order to attain happiness both spiritually and physically. Learn form hardships endured and use this knowledge when faced with problems in the future. Once we have achieved our goals and targets set new ones, do not grow old in one place spiritually, as this will not bring good karma.

The negative aspects to this card show an individual that is lacking in confidence, they are afraid of changes in their life and this stops them from reaching their goals and ambitions, they are torn between wanting achievement and being fearful of it. This duality can be down to immaturity and a lack of life experience or a deep lack of self-esteem that makes them believe that they do not deserve success and happiness.

Key Words:
Worldly success, labour, reliability, finality, duty, wisdom.
Key Phrases:
Be responsible, help others especially those who have offered help to you, be confident, be thankful for what success you have had.
Negative Elements:
Martyrdom, lack of confidence, heavy burdens, can't fulfil commitments.

Minor Arcana ~

While the major arcana expresses universal themes, it brings those themes down into the practical arena to show how they operate in daily events. The minor arcana cards represent the concerns, activities and emotions that make up the dramas of our everyday lives.

There are 56 cards in the minor arcana divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. [Note] Each of these suits stands for a particular approach to life.

The Wands are the suit of creativity, action and movement. They are associated with such qualities as enthusiasm, adventure, risk-taking and confidence. This suit corresponds to the yang, or masculine principle, in Chinese philosophy and is associated with the element Fire. A flickering flame is the perfect symbol of the Wands force. This energy flows outward and generates passionate involvement.

The Swords are the suit of intellect, thought and reason. They are concerned with justice, truth and ethical principles. Swords are associated with the element Air. A cloudless sky, open and light-filled, is a symbol of the mental clarity that is the Swords ideal. This suit is also associated with states that lead to disharmony and unhappiness. Our intellect is a valuable asset, but as an agent of ego, it can lead us astray if it is not infused with the wisdom of our Inner Guide.

The Cups are the suit of emotions and spiritual experience. They describe inner states, feelings and relationship patterns. The energy of this suit flows inward. Cups correspond to the yin, or feminine principle, in Chinese philosophy and are associated with the element Water. The ability of water to flow and fill up spaces, to sustain and to reflect changing moods makes it the ideal symbol of the Cups suit.

The Pentacles are the suit of practicality, security and material concerns. They are associated with the element Earth and the concrete requirements of working with matter. In Pentacles, we celebrate the beauty of nature, our interactions with plants and animals and our physical experiences in the body. Pentacles also represent prosperity and wealth of all kinds. Sometimes this suit is called the Coins, an obvious symbol of the exchange of goods and services in the physical world.

Ace beginning of fortune
2 business success
3 help offered
4 rest after labour
5 struggle, competition
6 good news
7 courage in the face of difficulty
8 swift action, a message
9 overcoming obstacles
10 unwise use of power
Page a messenger
Knight starting or finishing of an issue
Queen woman from home
King man of authority

Ace new love
2 new friends
3 abundance, health
4 discontent
5 regret
6 happiness from the past
7 unrealistic dreams
8 things thrown aside
9 material abundance
10 family life
Page news
Knight proposals, invitations
Queen romantic woman
King romantic man

Ace victory
2 indecision
3 separation
4 changes, improvement
5 empty success
6 difficulties resolve themselves
7 a failed plan
8 restriction
9 sorrow
10 ruin, despair
Page upsetting message
Knight end of a problem
Queen strong willed woman
King man of military authority


Ace victory
2 indecision
3 separation
4 changes, improvement
5 empty success
6 difficulties resolve themselves
7 a failed plan
8 restriction
9 sorrow
10 ruin, despair
Page upsetting message
Knight end of a problem
Queen strong willed woman
King man of military authority

Ace beginning of wealth
2 two situations at once
3 skills in the arts
4 material possessions, gifts
5 loneliness
6 charity
7 a pause amid growth
8 employment
9 enjoyment of wealth
10 family money
Page good financial news
Knight patience
Queen woman with money
King man of business


The suit of Cups is also called Chalices, Goblets and Coupes. Their elemental representation is water and they are linked to the corresponding Zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. In the traditional pack of playing cards Cups are represented by Hearts.

The suit of Cups are associated with emotions, which can range from marriage to personal possessions. Concerns which cover issues relating to relationships or partnerships which are intimate or work related. Cups also represent our interaction with other people and is known as the suit of love, happiness and emotion.

The people depicted by Cups are usually artistic, creative and emotional people.

The King of Cups is a kind-hearted man that enjoys entertaining and socialising. He is a people's person and is at his best when he holds a captive audience. He is a generous man who gives up his time willingly and is also very emotionally frank and honest. He is a reliable person and anyone taking his advice or help with problems will benefit greatly. The negative elements surrounding the King of cups deal with issues of jealousy, insecurity and unreliability. There are also connotations of problems of a legal nature.

The Queen of Cups is a captivating character. She is naturally charming, well liked and trusted. The Queen is a honest, faithful and wise character who is most likely to be a faithful wife and mother. The appearance of the Queen in a spread often indicates a stable and happy marriage or home life. She has a natural ability to listen to others and gives sound practical advice and makes a wonderful partner, friend, mother and colleague. The negative characters of the queen are insecurity and she needs a lot of reassurance.

The Knight of Cups depicts the gallant Knight arriving on horseback. It is the card of arrival and indicates something new is about to commence maybe a new lover that will try to woo you or the start of a new friendship. The Knight is an idealistic person that is always on the lookout for new challenges to progress through life. Negatively speaking this card warns against overindulgence, gossip and gambling of any kind. It also warns us to be aware of a lover offering false promises for their own satisfaction.

The Page of Cups represents a young person that is trying to get your attention. They are normally thinkers, sensitive and naturally reflective person. The Page of cups also indicates new challenges or a new birth. This could be a child or a new project. This card can is also referred to as the 'Courtship card' as it can indicate a new relationship. The negative side to this card can indicate unwanted, amorous attention from someone younger than the querant or warn against falling for the charms of someone that is emotionally shallow. It can also warn of problems with children.

The Ten of Cups is a positive card that primarily deals with matters of the home and family. It indicates a new element to your home life such as redecoration living there, possibly a lover or a new child. This card is assuring some degree of personal success and security. The bad interpretations to this card suggest petty quarrels in the family, which will bring stress to your domestic life.

9 of cups~A very positive card displaying an abundance of love, sensuality and success. Life is a celebration, learn to feel the happiness engulfing you and make sure that you are grateful for your good fortune. Negative elements indicate that times will be difficult and opposing forces are at play. Losses may be suffered due to misplaced loyalties or mistakes. Be careful not to make the wrong choices.

8 of cups~ Moving out of the darkness and into the light. The Eight of Cups denotes domestic changes, moving out of a secure relationship that has gone cold. You will be energised by the change and challenges brought about by living outside your safety net. You need to shed old habits or relationships that may be stifling you. The negative aspects are not dissimilar to the main interpretation but instead of liberation you are looking for a substitute enslaver and are denying your deeper emotional needs.

The Seven of Cups indicates that there are many options in life from which to choose, there are many of appealing opportunities and you may have difficulty making decisions. This can lead to some form of emotional confusion and push you into daydreams or some kind of fantasy life. It warns not to be unrealistic in your desires.

The Six of Cups deals with the issues of memories and nostalgia. It may be a time for reflection and to face up to issues from childhood, you have to realise that the past is behind you and you are a stronger more dynamic person because of it. With this realisation will come more stable relationships and emergence of creativity. The reverse meaning of the Six of Cups can indicate issues from more recent situations and family and friends not pulling their weight and putting their plans into action.

5 of cups ~ This card is telling you that life does not always go according to plan and disappointment is inevitable sometimes. It tells the questioner to try and be less dependant on others and not to feel too let down if promises do not materialise. There may be some debate or discussion on the horizon, which is necessary to clear the air. The negative elements to the five of cups are wallowing in self-pity or disappointment.

The Four of Cups in a spread usually tells the querant that now is the time for cultivating relationships. It is stressing the need for creating strong bonds with friends and family. It can suggest that the querant has a feeling of despondency regarding a lover but all your optimism is needed in order to make things work. It is a good time to make future plans as life is at a bit of a standstill presently.. Try to avoid negative emotions such as holding back emotionally or withdrawing from loved ones. Take physical action to escape the inertia you may be feeling and stop waiting for things to happen.

The Three of Cups is particularly positive for a querant that has been experiencing ill-health. It indicates that this is over and much improvement will ensue. It also urges the start of new experiences either in your personal life or at work or study. It is time to follow a new path and enjoy the experiences it throws out. On the reverse side the Three of Cups warns against becoming emotionally cold and withdrawn or not enjoying the company of others.

2 of cups ~ This card is reinforcing the human need for friendship and unity. It is emphasising the need to share experiences with others in order to get their full benefit. The Two of Cups also suggests that any fallings out that you may have had recently either at work or at home will smooth over very soon and any lingering animosity will dissolve and fade away. Negative aspects include quarrels that could lead to separation and warns against the reclusive side to your nature, urging the questioner to be more sociable.

Ace of cups~ This card is also known as 'cup of life' and is also known as the miracle of life and is often closely related to the birth of a new baby or finding a partner or even an engagement. It is a very positive card in relation to matters of the heart. However, on the negative side of things the Ace of Cups can indicate that you will be disappointed or saddened by someone close to you.


Pentacles are represented in playing cards by the suit of Diamonds. They also go by the name of Coins, Money, Circles or Discs. In foreign language tarot cards they are known as Deniers, Denari or Oros.

Generally speaking Pentacles represent business, business situations or trades people. They are also the suit of possession and financial matters.
The issues that fall under this suit in a reading are to do with severity and material elements of life. This is emphasised by the shape of the Pentacle.
The life aspect of Pentacles surrounds things like career choices, investment, family, marriage and family, all things that give people a feeling of severity.
The type of person depicted by Pentacles are practical, sensible, traditional and not the type to take a gamble.

Pentacles is astrologically linked to the element of earth and the three earth related zodiac signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.
This man is someone at the top of their game, The Pentacle King is successful and powerful man, he is both trustworthy and very reliable. The main driving force behind the King is his responsibility towards his family. He is usually a man in a position of authority and his appearance in a spread can refer to legal matters regarding money. The elements of negativity surrounding the King of Pentacles are aspects of his character are insecure and he may hold bitterness or resentment for past failures such as a divorce or business venture gone wrong. He can also warn of somebody that appears to be a success but are actually not to be trusted The King can get so absorbed in his work that he allows it to take over and talks business too much thus coming over as a bit dull.

The Queen of Pentacles is a self-sufficient, independent lady that is very adept at making money and balancing a family. Where ever she puts her energy and time there will be a successful outcome. She is happy in a traditional maternal role but also excels in her chosen career. The Queen of Pentacles is a practical person and can budget extremely well, any financial advice given from her will be sound. She has a positive influence on those around her and her appearance in the spread bodes well for the querant as she symbolises success with matters liked to both finances and family. The negative elements of The Pentacle Queen include a person that has lost their sense of direction or depicts someone that is so ruthless in achieving their goals they let nothing stand in the way.

The Knight of Pentacles is an ambitious, driven and extremely focused individual. They are well prepared and strategically plan their next move to further their career. The Knight is very keen but sometimes lets himself down due to inexperience and still needs to be open to learning. The negative aspects of the Knight's interpretation can include a disaffection towards work and a loss of vocation. They may also possess a streak of ruthlessness that leaves them burning much needed bridges.

The Page is a card that represents study and education, it could be success for a younger member of the family or you could be inspired by someone's love for learning. There may be a new job opportunity that will come quite out of the blue, it is urging new experiences in relation to work. Negative elements concerning the Page could tell of a lack of control in your professional life or a missing of vital opportunities much needed in order for progression to occur. There is also problems regarding a young person's rebellion.

The Ten of Pentacles indicates a secure family set up, a period of contentment is evident and wealth and security are all present in this card. It is a good card in relation to property and travel also. It is urging the spreading of good fortune to others that may be less fortunate or making future financial provision for your loved ones. The reverse interpretation of the Ten of Pentacles is a feeling of restriction and disharmony, there may be petty quarrels in the family or reputations are tarnished due to poor business acumen.

The Nine of Pentacles is a card that gives us a sense of assurance that all is going well in life. There is an air of contentment and security surrounding the querant and this is due to previous hard work that is now paying dividends. Now is good time for putting plans of expansion into action, this could be expanding your home or business. The negative aspect to this card warns against a selfish character only looking to fund a lavish lifestyle and to be wary of putting finances into shaky business propositions, there may be people in your life that are untrustworthy and have ill intentions

The Eight of Pentacles suggests that a new career or job is on the cards. It is conveying the message of financial rewards via a creative skill. It shows a huge supply of potential and maybe a previous hobby could be turned into something more serious or substantial, however all this is dependant on effort and hard work and maybe a return to learning. Negatively speaking the Eight of Pentacles is telling of problems in ones career and areas of life that require new learning in order to develop properly.

The Seven of Pentacles are telling us that gain and improvement are on the horizon and we must apply the necessary hard work and effort. Try to combine business and pleasure as you can achieve satisfaction through combining the two. This card shows us that steady progress is far better than a quick rise to the top. The Seven of Pentacles negative aspects are delays are inevitable due to unavoidable complications. It is also warning to be a guard from gossips and untrustworthy people.

This card is urging the questioner to be generous, through giving we will receive, this could be through charity work or by helping loved ones. This good work will be rewarded and you will receive remuneration via a pay rise or legal settlement of some sort. The negative interpretation of this card is having our finances in a poor state such as bad debts. It also warns of envying others and becoming selfish.

The Five of Pentacles is warning of a financial loss or disaster occurring. Failure is suggested and it is a bad time to make any investments. Strong support is on offer from loved ones and ironically although you may be down on your luck financially it is a positive time for matters of the heart.

The Four of Pentacles tells us of a miserly person that holds on tight to every penny. This could be down to past experiences that have left you insecure about money. It is important to be aware that whilst important, money is not everything and it cannot be our sole driving force in our life. Negative aspects indicate a need to hold on to every penny even if you are financially secure.

The Three of Pentacles is a good indication of success due to good old-fashioned hard work. This could be related to education or a home improvement project. Any hard work will be rewarded with success and a good feeling of accomplishment. However, sometimes the Three of Pentacles offers an interpretation of legal documentation or important paper work. This also ties in to the negative side to this card, which denotes a delay in legal documentation. It also tells of career aims being thwarted by lethargy.

This card is usually offering a message of diligence and staying focused. In order to achieve harmony between finances and your personal life you need to keep up the balancing act and don't make any hasty decisions. Be ready to act quickly and seize any opportunities on offer. Life may be a bit of a hard slog but you must keep going. Negative elements include feelings of an uphill struggle, getting bogged down by bureaucracy or paperwork and life may seem to be stuck in a rut.

The Ace of Pentacles is normally a good indication of wealth. It suggests monetary success with investments or a windfall of some kind. It also tells of security which can be emotional as well as financial. When this card appears it is an affirmation of financial rewards such as pay rise, promotion or if you are a gambler a big win is ahead. The negative side to this card is a reversal of fortunes, you may be inclined to waste money or invest unwisely. Or money is in abundance yet some for of spiritual security is missing.


The suit of Swords corresponds to Spades in the regular deck of playing cards. In foreign language Tarot cards the suit is also known as Ep?e, Schwerter or Espados.

Astrologically Swords is related to the element of Air and the three air zodiac signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius are all reflected in the suit of Swords.

Swords present in a reading can indicate situations or actions related to moral conflict. In general Swords indicate there is or maybe a problem which requires action. The suit of Swords represents action, ambition, progress, authority, opposition and strength.

The people represented by the suit of Swords are generally professional, assertive, analytical people.

The Queen of Swords is a quick thinking and brutally honest woman. She holds the position of leader amongst her family and friends. She may be stubborn and unyielding in her views but is extremely loyal to her close friends. To strangers she may come across as aloof or distant. Her negative sides can include harsh judgement and extreme opinions of others.

The Knight is an individual that is full of intuition and imagination. They hold great determination and diligently pursue their goals. They may have their won unique way of doing things and often stray from convention and tradition. On the negative side this person can be known to act erratically and could be likely to hurt the feelings of other people by their indifference.

The Page of Swords represents a young person that is full of enthusiasm and eagerness. They are active and intelligent and are often much needed but unlikely source of help. On the reverse this can tell of a person that rushes into situations before thinking and acts impulsively.

Pain, heartache and betrayal are all present in the Ten of Swords. This card indicates a period of suffering but also reassures the querant that this will soon pass on to better times. Sometimes the negative element of the Ten of Swords can indicate that an individual is purposely trying to inflict pain on you.

Stress, anxiety, worry and ill health are all present in the Nine of Swords. These feelings are overwhelming but recover will come about quickly. It is also a warning to not let your fears stop you from living or loving. This card also brings up aspects of guilt and remorse for things done wrong previously.

Number eight in the suit of Wands identifies with frustration and restrictions in your life. These restrictions are imposed upon you through health or a domineering person. This card brings up negative feelings of impatience, disconnection and being trapped in a metamorphical bondage.

number 7~
This card represents sacrifices. Giving up things in order to progress. As well as sacrifice you also need to look into personal limitation, knowing how much you can handle and crucially knowing when to say no. This card offers good faith and confidence but can also bring the client warnings of theft, loss and conflicts.

The Six of Swords card indicates that you are moving out of hard times. It depicts things around you improving greatly and this could be closely linked with travel. Difficulties can be overcome through clear thinking and brainstorming. The negative side to the Six of Swords implies delays, slow to think and act, life being caught up and feeling static and stilted.

This card represents conflicts, arguments and rifts. It warns against prolonging arguments in order to prove your point. There may be a parting of company, which is necessary to resolve problems. The negative elements to this card are separation, rejection and deceit.

The four of Swords is urging the querant to take a period of rest and recuperation. It indicates poor health and the need to slow down in order to regain good health. Negative connotations include a period of enforced isolation, anxiety and stress.

This is a card that warns of loss but it mostly warns about heartbreak due to a lack of communication with your lover. It tells the tragic tale of a love triangle where all parties are left in pain. The negative elements are similar involving love affairs breaking down but in a less serious and meaningful way.

The Two of Swords card tells of indecision and or being locked in a stalemate. It shows a conflict between heart and mind or thought and feeling and urges the need for balance between the two. The querant may be at a crossroads in life and must see both sides before making any decisions. Negative interpretations are people ignoring their true feelings or lying to themselves.

Ace of swords~This card relates to success due to in no small part your hard work and determination. It is letting the querant know that through hard work and willpower victory will be yours. The negative aspects of this card are the inability to think clearly and you may be having difficulties communicating. It can also indicate clashes with a figure authority


Wands also known as Scepters, Rods, Batons or Clubs corresponds to Clubs in the deck of standard playing cards.

Astrologically Wands represent the element of fire and the fire Zodiac signs Aires, Leo and Sagittarius.

Wands present in a reading can indicate issues that are connected with physical activity or action. It also represents the present, situations and plans that are immediate and when these cards appear there is always a lot of activity surrounding them.
The type of people Wands depicts are usually modest, hard working, well meaning people that are genuinely good company.
Wands also represent huge challenges which usually have a good outcome but can mean a long hard slog.

The appearance of the King of Wands is a sign of a need for help in a moral sense or practical financial advice. The King is a practical man that may be a teacher of some sort. He has a kind, laid-back attitude towards life but can still command his court when needed. He has a welcoming nature and makes an excellent friend or partner. The reverse aspect of his character can include deliberate deception, bad communication and tunnel vision.

The Queen of Wands is a charismatic woman. She is intelligent, independent and has excellent business skills. The Queen enjoys holding centre stage and is often in a job that reflects this. She is very charming and has many friends and acquaintances to which she is fiercely loyal. Advice given by the Queen of Wands will be heartfelt, practical and brutally honest. The negative aspects of her character are that she can be manipulative to achieve her goals and can be very bossy. She also has an obstinate streak.

The Knight of Wands is a friendly, charming and fearless character. They are charming but they are also very unreliable. The querant may be slightly spiritually lost and is looking for answers or soul-searching. Until they find peace they cannot settle and will not commit to anything whole-heartedly. The card also represents big changes in terms of living enviroment such as moving country. The negative aspects to the Knight are irrational behaviour, temper, chaotic lifestyle and insincerity.

The Page of Wands is a true friend. It indicates the deliverance of information via some media, it can also bring about some form of travel or even mental expansions due to learning or a broadening of horizons. The negative elements of the page can be bad news from others, concern in a restless child or delays in our travel or work plans.

The Ten of Wands is all about responsibilities and pressure. You may have a lot on your plate and are feeling the strain but you can cope and are strong enough to handle whatever stresses come your way. The reverse interpretation is that these burdens will ease up soon and you will get time to rest and recover.

There is an air of suspicion and defensiveness surrounding this card. You could be in danger of becoming paranoid. You do need to be on the lookout for things happening behind your back but keep it in perspective. On the negative side your previous suspicions are proved correct and you will have to face some obstacles surrounding your personal life and career.

The Eight of Wands is showing us that life is on the move. Things are moving quickly and there is abundant energy and enthusiasm. The down side to this card is that you could be taking on too much or you feel restless in your current situation. There could be trouble in your private life and this could involve conflicts or delayed plans.

This card is telling the questioner to beware of competitors and be sure to defend your current position or you may be toppled. Despite fierce competition you will be victorious. The need to tackle problems one at a time is also present. Negative elements include over working, self doubt and finding life's ups and downs overwhelming.

The Six of Wands is telling the questioner that all past efforts will be rewarded. You will receive the recognition and respect that you have earned from your work colleagues and peer group. This is a card of impressive achievement and the querant will be full of confidence. Negatively speaking they could be perceived as pompous vain. Any gains made may be short lived and creative work will not be respected.

The Five of Wands is a card that represents battles, challenges, debates and heated discussions. Things do work out but not without a fierce battle to put your point across. The negative elements include trickery, indecisiveness and disharmony. Try to avoid being too hasty or aggressive in your discussions.

The Four of Wands is all about collectively coming together. This could be a family get together or a simply participating with others to achieve a common goal. However you pool resources you will experience a lot of warmth and happiness from this coalition. It is also a very positive time for romance and love. The negative aspects are feelings of inertia or boredom. There is a lack of self-esteem and a feeling of not belonging.

This card is giving the querant the message that now is a good time for business and career opportunities. It is a good time to pursue new interests and anything you put your energy into will prove beneficial. People may look to you for leadership so be sure to set a good example. On the reverse meaning life could be stagnating due to lack of will, all talking but very little doing. You are urged to make things happen rather than wait for life to come to you.

The Two of Wands indicates that now is a good time to expand our circle of friends or start new ventures. It is encouraging us to exchange advice or ideas with others. It is important to listen to other people's point of view and put their advice to good use. The negative elements to this card include indecisiveness, asking for help but not listening when it's given and depicts someone socially isolated.

To sum up Ace of Wands it is all about new beginnings, new job, new child and new relationships are all indicated when this card is in the spread. It also denotes a good time to start new projects and act on ideas as there is enthusiasm flowing. Negatively speaking the Ace of Wands is a card that represents some form of anti-climax or delay. A new relationship falls flat or some plans are blocked which can cause frustration.

Special Thanks to Una Shaw for providing this information for me.

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