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What We Choose

OK now we have an idea why we have chosen to go round again if you like. One of my favourite sayings is “Everything goes in circles” to which everything does if you think about it. Even styles of music or fashions go in circles.

We set about planning our life plan, we decide what issues we would like to learn about, we want to experience different things, and so we learn about them, our true self gains experiences. Also I would like to point out whatever we do learn is also carried onto the next incarnation. Nothing is left behind apart from our physical earth bodies.

You may be a very good piano player or a brilliant craftsman with wood; these talents come easily to you now. It is more than likely you learnt these same talents once before so carried the knowledge over to this time around also. You picked it all up very quickly as really you already had that talent. You had just forgotten about it until it was rekindled once again. Remember you may also be here to re learn about something. Another saying comes to mind here “Do it right or do it over”!

Not only do you set about planning your life plan of experiencing different issues but you choose other things as well before your incarnation takes place.

You choose your Spirit Guide; this guide will stay with you throughout your entire earthly life. I will explain more about Spirit Guides later on.
We choose our parents! All sounds really crazy now huh, well it is true we do. Remember they too are on yet another lifetime and they also chose their own parents. We are all part of what is known as Soul Groups; groups of people who choose to stay with each other on various incarnations. For instance your own Father now may have been a brother in a previous life. Your Mother may have been your daughter in another previous life. Call it role reversal if you like, it all about learning and developing your true self.

We also choose what we wish to look like. We choose our looks and our gender.
From information I have received via my own spirit guides I gather every soul who is about to set upon another incarnation is sort of trained up. The best way I can explain this is that because we are energy; all information is stored with us. As everything has an energy field around it or Aura all the information is stored there; ready for later when we are older to use that information.

So when you are ready to go yet around again you come back with all the information with you and your own personal spirit guide. So how do we end up in a physical body? Well some say the soul enters the body at conception, some say the soul enters the physical body just before a birth occurs. My opinion is the first one, at conception. I believe that the foetus is still partly in touch with the spirit realms and can communicate quite easily. Remember communicating is all done by thoughts and vibrations. Once a birth occurs basically communication is limited and you are born. Remember you are not alone your guide is with you. Another thing you are given before you reincarnate is Free Will. You have your plan but it is up to you whether you stick to it as you progress and grow. You have been given free will, so the choices are there for your taking.

I know a lot of people will disagree with what I have just said. Especially if their lives at the moment are particularly happy or not going to plan how they would like. Many have said to me I would never of chosen this life, no way would I of. There are issues in my own life I don’t like; all I can do is try to overcome them each time something arises.

But from what information I receive through my own guide is that we did choose certain issues to learn and develop from. I often ask well what went wrong then because no way do I want this. We did choose certain things to learn but sometimes along the way through choices and our own free will which we were given we sometimes make a decision too early. It is through our choices and decisions that our paths alter slightly but at the end of the day we do learn from the experience. Remember its all learning and developing your true self. It might take many lifetimes to achieve everything that is needed to be learnt.

My Guide also wants to point out that basically no wrong decisions are made but the fact the paths alters slightly and we may learn about an issue quicker than previously planned. He says it is like a shopping list we may jump a few items written down to get something else but eventually we go back to the list in order to get everything.

They do say young souls have easier lifetimes; they are only given what they can handle. A young soul could be someone who has only had a couple of lifetimes. I have also been told that old souls have harder life learning lessons; but we are given nothing we can’t handle. The older the soul the harder or more difficult the situations are for us to learn from. If you are wondering yes I am an old soul. I obviously have messed up so many times I have to keep coming back. Remember the saying “Get it right or do it over”! By all accounts I am on possibly my 16th incarnation if not more!! No wonder I feel old!

At this point I have been asked to mention that although many of us are on a various number of lifetimes there are some that this is their first incarnation. The Great Spirit didn’t only create us other life forms were also created. It sounds like a lot of science fiction I know but according to my own guides this information is true.

Take the whole universe we are not the only living organisms that were created by the Great Spirit