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Why Are We Here?


At this point before I carry on I would like to say I have not set out to upset people in their beliefs and faiths. I am not prejudice to any faith; you have free will to choose. We make our own choices. Personally in my opinion there is only One Great Spirit; call it what you will God, Allah, Buddha. It is of no matter this Great Spirit is the Creator of all.

So why are we here? And that age old question what is the meaning of life? I used to often ask this question over and over in my mind and every time I asked it I had the exact same answer. Soul Growth.
So what do these two words mean? As it says soul growth. I will try to explain this as easily as I can without going too deep.
Our true selves reside inside our physical bodies; our soul is deep within us. Remember our bodies are just our vehicles for this duration of lifetime. We choose to incarnate, in other words we choose when we would like to have another lifetime. Sounds far fetched doesn’t it but it is true. What we are on now is yet another lifetime; you like myself are on yet another incarnation. In other words we have come back to learn or re learn about issues that we didn’t achieve in the last one.
That saying springs to mind "You only live once" err well I hate to disappointed you but that is a fallacy! We have many lifetimes; it depends on what is needed to be learnt.

The whole idea of incarnating is to learn. So you’re true self learns and grows, this true self is your soul, and after all it needs to learn various issues etc as it is the only part of us that is truly real. Remember your physical body dies at some point but your true self or soul does not. Our personalities continue to exist longer after our earthy bodies have been exhausted and finished working.
So where do we originate from is your next question. From the very same realms to which we return to at some point. Yep we came from spirit in the first place, we all are entities made of many atoms and molecules. We are energy! Everything around us is energy. Even inanimate objects if broken down are just energy. Take all the atoms and molecules away what would you have? Nothing! Remember it is the earth’s gravitational pull that is holding everything together.

But everything is real you say, yes it is to us on this plain; it is as solid as a rock. In this dimension that we are in it is real to us. But because in essence it isn’t really spirits or ghosts if you’d rather prefer the term find it very easy to pass through objects.
They are no longer have earthly bodies which are cumbersome, they have reverted back to what they once was with their traits and personalities perfectly in tacked

Lots of questions forming in your minds now huh? Good that means I have got your attention and maybe you are interested in learning and knowing more. Again I will reiterate you do not have to believe me that is entirely up to you. What I am saying is this is my own opinions and what I believe to be so. For many years I have been hearing this knowledge, I am being told it for a reason to pass onto others, continue the chain of growth if you like. Is it all true? Well let’s put it this way what would Spirit or your Spirit Guides gain from telling untruths? They would gain nothing and nor would you, they also wouldn’t be doing their jobs correctly those that are your guides.

So we originate from the realms is the first place. We wish to incarnate again for what reasons only your soul and sub conscious knows this. How long it takes to incarnate again I do not know but at some point if it is necessary for us to do so we will.
Why do we choose to reincarnate? Answers to learn about something or re learn something. You choose what it is you wish to learn about! It could include many issues for instance to learn about love or learn how to control and live without anger, jealousy, greed. The list is endless really; it is all learning every issue that arises in your life you learn from it. If the issue is a nice one you still are learning from it, same if it is a bad issue. Good or bad you learn from the results of what has occurred during your life. Karma also plays a big part when we choose to reincarnate, I will explain more about karma further on in this site.

You have probably heard the phrase "Everything happens for a reason". This is also true,
At the end of the day if a certain issue arises it is usually for a reason. You may not understand fully at the time what the reason is but eventually the answers begin to appear later on. It is usually with hindsight we suddenly twig why this or that happened. Then we do a big "Oh Yeah"!